Absorbent Pad Applications

Absorbent Pad Applications

Spills happen every day and most of the time, they’re easy enough to clean up. What happens when you spill something that takes a little more thought such as oil or acetone? Oil residue from a spill poses a potential slip hazard. Acetone needs to be properly disposed. That’s when you need to bring in the big guns, specialized sorbents.

Absorbent Rolls

Our Spilfyter Universal Absorbent Roll solves a variety spills and has many practical applications. This universal absorbent pad is designed with extreme wicking power, making it perfect for a variety of standard-use applications. It can absorb spills such as oils, coolants, solvents, and water. The pad is extremely durably and features a dimple bond pattern, making the overall strength of the polypropylene increased. Each roll can absorb 32 gallons of liquid.

Absorbent Tarps 

The UltraTech Ultra-Absorbent Tarp is a perfect on the go solution to oily messes and leaks from maintenance or repairs. It rolls and folds into a small package, making it easy to store in vehicles for onsite repairs. The tarp is composed of three layers: the top layer features a UV resistant geotextile fabric that allows oil to pass through, the middle layer is the absorbent core that traps oil while allowing water to evaporate, and the bottom layer which features an impermeable backing to keep drips from leaching through to the ground or floor.

Spill Kits

We also offer a variety of spill kits for chemical/hazmat spills which feature special hazmat sorbent pads, disposal bags, gloves, and eye protection. These are ideal to keep in a classroom or lab where space may be limited.

Absorbent pads and kits are a must have for any facility, lab, classroom or factory to prevent and minimize injury and damages from spills. The wide variety of products makes it easy to choose the perfect solution.

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