Absorbent Pads for Commercial / Industrial Environment

Absorbent Pads for Commercial / Industrial Environment

Absorbent Pads

When it comes to spill emergencies, being prepared is essential. Spills can lead to destruction and present environmental and health benefits for everyone. Once started, spills travel fast and if they are not stopped right away, containment can prove difficult. Stopping the liquid in its track, whether it's oil or other toxic chemicals, is important. Thor Spill and Containment is dedicated to providing such spill response and containment solutions for our customers all around the world. One of our top sellers, absorbent pads are idea solutions. We offer different types of absorbent pads for oils and other chemical spills, making it easy to find the right choice for your needs, whether you are working with aggressive or even non-aggressive chemicals.

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Absorbent Pads for Oils, Chemical Spills, and Industrial Uses

Absorbent pads are ideal solutions when you are working in industrial settings and working with harmful chemicals such as oils. The lightweight units are easy to use by anyone, and are made with advanced materials such as polypropylene that allow for effective absorption. The absorbent pads for oils and chemical spills offered through Thor Spill and Containment help with flood protection, diverting chemicals, preventing the spilled liquid from spreading, helping with indoor water damage, and more. Keeping people and your property clean, dry, and safe is now achievable. We represent absorbent pads from major, trustable companies such as UltraTech, SpilFyter, FloodSax, and more! Absorbent pad solutions are compact, lightweight, simple, and take the hassle and danger out of responding to spill emergencies. The high quality sorbents are durable and last a long time.

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Contact us at Thor Spill and Containment and one of our certified team members will detail specifications regarding all of the brands and products we distribute for our customers. Share your needs with us, and we can have affordable, customizable solutions to you quick and at competitive pricing. We are proud to partner with and represent industry leading companies who have transformed the spill response and containment market with innovative solutions. Through Thor Spill and Containment, you too can have access to such efficient units including absorbent pads for oils, chemical spills, industrial uses, and more. Explore our website at http://thorspillproducts.com/ for more, including information on our company and team, images, videos, detailed product specifications, and customers reviews.

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