Challenge Accepted.  They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it.

Challenge Accepted. They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it.

Challenge Accepted. They said it wasn’t possible, but we did it. We have a solution for protecting our trench drains from polluted water. The problem is, traditional trench drains are extremely shallow and long, which makes it difficult to utilize the typical basin insert solutions. Basin inserts would normally work, but the characteristics of trench drains make it impossible for them to prevent polluted, toxic water from entering the trench drains, and our water systems as a result.

Ultra-Trench Filter Boom

UltraTech Trench Filter Boom for Stormwater management buy online with Thor Spill ContainmentWhen asked to help out a major airline, UltraTech rose to the occasion. Thor Spill and Containment is excited to announce the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom is now available. The Ultra-Trench Filter Boom was the solution offered to the major airline. The airline had trench drains around their hangars, therefore the issue of polluted water was a major problem. With so much oil, chemicals, toxic pollutants, and more around us, if any of them were to enter the trench drains around the airline’s hangars, it could cause catastrophic consequences that would not only cost money to fix, but would also pose health threats. The Ultra-Trench Filter Boom is a unique, simple solution for the airline and for anyone else searching for a way to stop toxic fluids from making their way through the trench drains.


Save our Trench Drains

Buy online UltraTech Trench Filter Boom for Stormwater EPA Federal COmplianceOne of the latest UltraTech products available through Thor Spill and Containment, the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom helped UltraTech complete the challenge successfully. The product utilizes strong Ultra-X-Tex material, and rolls the geotextile and filter media into 9 foot lengths. Once rolled, the material is then set between the trench drains. When oils, stormwater, chemicals, and other toxic fluids travel to the trench drains, the Ultra-X-Tex allows the UltrTech-Trench Filter Boom to absorb the pollutants, and only allow the water to pass through. The product can absorb an incredible 13 times its own weight, while remaining secure and durable.

The simple solution is easy to install and works instantly! Customers love the possibilities the product presents including saving our trench drains and therefore water systems and environment from polluted stormwater, oils, vegetable oils, and more. Other features include the fact that a rebar can be inserted as well which allows even more weight that works to keep the filter boom in place. Additionally, the product can handle any traffic driving over the trench drains.


Challenge accepted and met. Contact Thor Spill and Containment today for more details on UltraTech’s Ultra-Trench Filter Boom or for more on why our trench basins need to be protect from such dangerous polluted water.

 UltraTech Trench Filter Boom for Stormwater management buy online with Thor Spill Containment


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