Don't Spill and Run - Hazardous Chemical Spills from Truck

Don't Spill and Run - Hazardous Chemical Spills from Truck

Don’t Spill and Run

If you’re looking at the same image I am, alarm bells should be going off in your mind right about now. Not only is hazardous liquid spilling from the vehicle, but it is making its way into the nearby drainage system. Clearly this driver is committing the terrible “spill and run,” and hurting the environment in the process.

Pop up pool and drain guard for chemical hazardous gasoline spills

Don’t let this be you! Don’t just drive away and try to ignore the damage left behind. Stay one step ahead of the mess and equip your vehicle with spill response and containment products. That way you can be prepared to deal with any catastrophes, both quickly and efficiently.

Thor Spill and Containment has the perfect solution for drivers in similar situations as this truck driver. Instead of ignoring the incident and causing even more damage, drivers can now store Ultra Pop Up Pools inside of their vehicles.


Equipped with Pop Up Pools

Available through Thor Spill and Containment, and manufactured by Ultra Tech International, Pop Up Pools are easily used, ready to deploy at any moment. Simply store them in your truck, and bring the product out when needed. The portable spill response and containment solution catches any leaked chemicals and can even help divert such liquids away from drains, for example. Pop Up Pools can be folded into a compact unit until used. Once needed, simply shake the product and watch it open quickly and capture any liquid. Compatible with any chemicals, Thor Spill and Containment Pop Up Pools come in different sizes and models, and are a simple one step chemical containment solution.

Pop up pool and drain guard for chemical hazardous gasoline spillsThe driver in this week’s Wacky Wednesday post could have easily got out of his vehicle, opened up the back and utilized Thor Spill and Containment Pop Up Pools. Within seconds, the product would unfold and be ready to capture the leaked chemicals. The hazardous waste would have had no time to reach the drainage system, saving time, money, and the environment.

Immediate Spill Response

Pop Up Pools protect not only the floor from dangerous chemicals, but also the environment, nearby water systems, our health, and more. Instead of driving away and dealing with even more consequences, stay prepared and keep Pop Up Pools just in case. Avoid the stresses of clean ups including potential danger or high cleanup costs.

Remember, Don’t Spill and Run! Contact Thor Spill and Containment for more on how you can find the right solution for you today.



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