Drain Guards Not So Sexy, but works well

Drain Guards Not So Sexy, but works well

ultratech drain guards for stormwater management

Ehh… is it a witch’s hat?  Or is it an UltraTech Drain Gaurd?  Not so sexy, but they are pretty awesome.  UltraTech Drain Guards play an important role in protecting the environment.  These drain guards stop prevent nasty stuff from entering our drainage system. Our drains carry liquid right into major water systems, affecting the water in our own water supply, oceans, and more. Unfortunately, oftentimes trash, sediment, dirt, or oil can enter our drains and make their way into our water systems, therefore affecting the environment, marine life, and the quality of our water supply. Thor Spill Containment provides an easy way to filter what enters our drains offering the top rated and trusted

UltraTech Drain Guards

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UltraTech Drain Guards sold by Thor Spill Containment incorporate advanced features that improve our means of filtration. The drain guard catch basin inserts offered, work as a drain filter, filtering and removing contaminants from stormwater flow before the water makes its way into the drain. The Drain Guards involve a geotextile fabric construction as well adding to its expert design. Industrial facilities, parking lots, construction sites, and more can benefit from implementing drain guards. In such places, oftentimes stormwater runoff might be contaminated with debris, fuel from vehicles, oil, or other harmful waste. Fortunately, implementing and installing such drain guards is both effective and easy.


How to Install Drain Guards

UltraTech Drain Guards are easy to install and Thor Spill Containment can help you install yours today. Alternative drain guards on the market that provide limited filtration as well as difficult installation. UltraTech Drain Guards take only a few steps to install and are ready to
effectively filter incoming stormwater immediately.




1. Lift up the grate of the drain.
2. Position the UltraTech Drain Guard over the opening of the drain.
3. Slowly shut the grate back to where it was.
4. Make sure to pinch and secure the fabric into place.


ultratech drain guards adjustable frame

UltraTech Spill Containment Products

Thor Spill Containment is excited to offer UltraTech's
leading spill containment and response products. UltraTech International has provided the latest technology and design in containment products, helping people worldwide find fast and simple solutions. Passing all environmental regulations, their products have had proven success throughout the company's 30 years of experience. Thor Spill Containment's partnership with UltraTech allows Thor Spill Containment customers to purchase hundreds of advanced products today.

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Contact Us

Customers interested in purchasing UltraTech Drain Guards can call today or visit https://www.thorspillproducts.com/collections/stormwater-management/drain-guards for more details on the manufacturing, design, benefits, installation, and more, of Drain Guards.


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