Green Solutions to Oil Spills

Green Solutions to Oil Spills

With many oil spills happening all over the world, especially recent flooding distasters in the United States, we’v’e been often asked, “What is the Best Green Solutions to Oil Spills?”  It all depends on the type of spill and where it occurred.  If the oil spill is large and involves bodies of waters, from lakes, oceans and rivers, we recommend a variety of Ultra Tech’s Green Oil Spill solutions, including Oil Filter BoomsOil Spill Blankets and Oil Eating Microbes.

Oil Spills Green Solutions Microbes Ultra Tech X Tex Oil Blankets

Oil Spill Containment 

Oil spill containment is made simpler with Ultra Tech International's oil eating microbes.  Nature already has oil eating microbes in place, but these take time, and with the amount of toxic chemicals and hydrocarbons put into the environment by humans, employing additional oil eating microbes to a contamination will help speed up the process of breaking down harmful toxic chemicals. These Ultra Tech oil eating microbes are 100% natural and add no harm into the environment. Such solutions meet all environmental regulations and are eco-friendly registered products. Thus, when time comes to deal with oil spill containment, having such oil eating microbes on hand can not only help you save time and money, but also help protect the environment.


Ultra Tech’s Oil Eating Microbes

UltraTech’s Oil Eating Microbes can work anywhere, from smaller warehouse oil spills to larger outdoor oil spills.  Mother Nature is impressive when it comes to cleaning toxins off the earth through natural processes, but in the cases of catastrophes such as oil spills, such processes don't work fast enough. When such oil spills are not contained quickly, they spread and make oil spill containment almost impossible without spending countless months and dollars. Ultra Tech kept this in mind when offering their oil eating microbes, a solution which works by mimicking, and speeding up mother nature's remediation system.

Oil Eating Microbes

Ultra Tech’s Oil Filter Booms

Especially designed to capture floating oil on large bodies of water, Ultra Tech’s Oil Filter Booms are the best the market has to offer.  Made with a patented “Ultra-X-Tex” material, unlike polypropylene, Ultra-X-Tex oil filter booms allow water to pass through freely while filtering any oil present on the water’s surface.  This allows for a more efficient oil filter system.  The six-foot-long booms made with Ultra-X-Tex absorb oil from water much faster than standard polypropylene booms.

ultra tech oil filter boom

Ultra Tech Oil Blankets

Seen all over news media during large oil spills, Ultra Tech’s X-Tex has a solid history of doing it’s job to contain large oil spills in oceans, lakes and rivers.  By quickly filtering massive amounts of water while absorbing oil onto the fabric, the UltraTech Ultra-X-Tex Rolled Geotextile Oil Filter Media is the best oil spill solution on the market.  The X-Tex fabric holds back oil while letting a large amount of water pass through quickly.  Buy Ultra Tech X-Tex’s Oil Blankets here.   


Ultra Tech X-Tex’s Oil Blankets for green oil spill clean up


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