Hazmat Decontamination Tents / Decks by UltraTech

Hazmat Decontamination Tents / Decks by UltraTech

Keep Employees Safe and Above Hazardous Materials 

Hazmat Decontamination Tents / Decks by UltraTechWhen it comes to spill response and decontamination, Thor Spill and Containment offers a wide selection of products suitable for risk free solutions. Providing the latest and most popular UltraTech products, Thor Spill and Containment is proud to offer the best prices for UltraTech solutions in the market. Such products follow all environmental regulations. They help your company stay compliant with such rules while finding an affordable solution for the safety of your company, employees, workplace, and the environment. The Hazmat Decontamination Tents are a best seller for spill response and decontamination. The inflatable tents are easy to use and assemble, ready to respond to spills in an instant before they make their way into the environment.

Hazmat Decon Tent / Deck Features

Hazmat Decontamination Tents utilize UltraTech’s latest technology and incorporate safety measures in the design, detachable components, simple to clean parts, and more. The tent works similar to a privacy and safety shelter, available in various models, suitable for multiple purposes. The unit can help you save personnel and time. The Hazmat Decontamination Deck is sturdy and inflates quickly, creating a protection system in seconds. The unit allows for mass decontamination, is slip resistant, and allows for effective chemical, radiological, and biological response. Keep your equipment and workers away from hazardous material using the top selling protective tent.

Thor Spill and Containment Offers Hundreds of UltraTech Products

Hazmat Decontamination Tents / Decks by UltraTechThor Spill and Containment provides hundreds of spill response and decontamination products including over 350 products from UltraTech. We emphasize following all environmental rules and protective containment response products. Protecting the environment has never been as important, and following such regulations helps your company comply and prevent damages to the vulnerable ecosystem. Our products include spill kits and products such as Spill Pallets, Spill Trays, Storm Water Drain Guards, Debris Screens, Absorbent Tarps, Concrete Washout Berms, Hazmat Decontamination Tents, Containment Berms, Sumps, and more. We at Thor Spill and Containment chose to partner with UltraTech because we were impressed with the company’s commitment to using the best of technology to create environmentally friendly, effective spill response products. UltraTech technology is accredited with an incredible 50 patents. Thor Spill and Containment offers UltraTech products at the lowest market price for customers seeking effective and affordable spill response and containment products.


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