Hoarding Much?  Having Chemical Hazard Spills and Leaks also?

Hoarding Much? Having Chemical Hazard Spills and Leaks also?

Utility Spill Trays for Chemicals and hazards

Hoarders Warehouse?

For those of you with a warehouse that looks like the latest episode of hoarders, yes you know who you are.  Thor Spill and Containment offers an easy and safe way to store all on-site chemicals.  This week’s wrong way Wednesday picture is definitely scary! Just look at it. The floor is filled with tiny containers and leaks are already forming underneath the containers. One look at this picture and EPA and Federal regulators would send you and your company packing.

EPA and Federal Regulations

EPA and Federal Regulations are there to help you continue working in a safe way, protecting your health, the health of those around you, and the environment. You can’t just scroll through the regulations! In order to stay safe and continue working, you must follow each one. Instead of hand checking each of the requirements, let Thor Spill and Containment help you out with our short EPA and Federal Regulations Checklist.  We can help you by providing products that have already passed all EPA and Federal Regulations, taking the stress out for you and making it easy to store and contain chemical spills.

If you are working with hazardous chemicals, remember you can never be too safe! Don’t let it go wrong, and don’t make the mistake of leaving inefficient containers here and there that could easily lead to spills. Making those mistakes can not only shut down your warehouse, but can also potentially harm you.

So What Can You Use?

Thor Spill and Containment offers utility trays perfect for the numerous smaller containers you may have laying around. The UltraTech Utility Spill Trays, manufactured by UltraTech, help you keep all small containers together in an organized, and more importantly, safe way! The polyethylene trays keep spills from occurring on factory floors or countertops. Containers containing hazardous chemicals can be easily placed on top of the tray or the utility trays can be placed under vehicles transporting chemicals. Thor Spill and Containment Ultra Utility Trays are #1 in the industry, working as secondary containment and utilizing a polyethylene construction that is compatible with toxic chemicals.

Chemical spill trays Utility by UltraTech

Thor Spill and Containment Utility Trays


Choose from 6 different sized Ultra Utility Trays and finally find a solution that allows you to pick up those unstable small containers. Trust us, you don’t want to be messy or careless when it comes to working with hazardous liquids. Don’t let mistakes happen, take cautious steps today and let Thor Spill and Containment provide the ideal solution for you.


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