Is this working? Spill Containment Practices to Avoid & To Implement

Is this working? Spill Containment Practices to Avoid & To Implement

IBC Spill Pallet - Spill Containment - What not to do

Thor Spill and Containment

Imagine showing EPA and Federal regulators this picture and asking for more paper towels. I think we know, that would not go over well! We’re not sure what kind of spill containment products are being used in this picture, but clearly they were a mistake. And you definitely cannot erase that kind of mistake, like you could erase this image from your memory or this email from your inbox.

So, I guess the question is, does your warehouse look like this? And even if it doesn’t, what can you do to ensure it never does? Thor Spill and Containment can help you choose from a variety of products, all effective for spill containment, all of which are  guaranteed to follow EPA and federal regulations. Instead of telling you about the hundreds of successful products we sell or the thousands of regulations you have to follow, we will shorten this email and only mention the 2 most popular spill containment UltraTech products we carry: Spill Berms and IBC Spill Pallets.

Toxic Chemical Spills

As you can see, the spill in this picture is not simply a water spill, the contaminants that have leaked are hazardous for the workers, environment, and more. Such chemicals travel quickly entering nearby water systems and other areas of the environment. Once the liquid has travelled, it can take hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up, as well as months to years to fully remove the toxic remains from the environment. Don’t become the person struggling to find a faster, cheaper solution when it’s too late.

Spill Berms and IBC Spill Pallets to the rescue!

Spill berms would have helped the mess seen in this picture not happen in the first place! The 10 foot long product can contain  or even divert spills, preventing spills and even keeping them from spreading to the environment. Described as a urethane dike, the Thor Spill and Containment Spill Berms are a must for people working with such hazardous chemicals.

Thor Spill and Containment IBC Ultra Spill Pallets are also effective. The containment products are durable and designed to store hazardous chemicals. As opposed to other products that easily leak when heavy weight is applied, the IBC spill pallets feature a unique design that pulls the sides together, letting you pour and store liquid easily. As opposed to other products on the market that tend to sag outwards with the addition of liquid, IBC Ultra Spill Pallets are manufactured to avoid such problems.

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