MBZ Sponsoring 2017 Clean Waterway Show

MBZ Sponsoring 2017 Clean Waterway Show

MBZ Sponsors 2017 Clean Waterways Show

MBZ Industrial (MBZI) is committed to improving oil and hazardous spill response and is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Clean Waterways Conference. As an exclusive offer, we are giving 20% off your next purchase with code “CWW2017”. MBZI is the leading trusted solutions provider for spill and hazmat supplies for maritime, facilities, rail and pipeline industries.  MBZI offers first in its class environmental spill protection solutions to quickly and effectively remediate and contain environmental spills. Our solutions include oil filter booms, microbe shakers, oil blankets, and more.

Oil Boom by Ultratech

UltraTech Oil Filter Booms

The Ultra-Oil Filter Booms capture floating oil quickly and stop it from reaching the shore. These six-foot-long booms are made with Ultra-S-Tex to quickly absorb oil from the water, much faster than standard polypropylene booms. Ultra-X-Tex allows water to pass through freely while still filtering oil on the water’s surface. The Ultra-Oil-Filter Booms when paired with microbes provide a bio-remediation element.




oil eating microbes for oil spill containment water ocean river lake


UltraTech Oil Eating Microbes

Microbes work by supercharging mother nature and adding oil degrading microorganisms (microbes) into an oil spill environment. The microbes digest hydrocarbon molecules and break them down into harmless byproducts of carbon, carbon dioxide and lipids. After approximately ninety days, or when the microbes have been deprived of water, oxygen or a food source, the microbe colony will begin to naturally die off. Microbes are available as Ultra-Microbe shakers, water soluble packets, bulk bags, or booms.




UltraTech Oil Blankets 

ultratech oil blankets to filter out oilOur oil blankets, made with Ultra-Tex-X, are designed to be an efficient, cost effective filtration method for large waterway spills. Ultra-X-Tex is a new and unique oil filtering medium composed of recycled synthetic fibers that are blended into a lightweight fiber mass with high surface area and interstitial spaces, making it a high-performance sorbent and filter media. This allows large volumes of water to pass through while effectively absorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils. Ultra-X-Tex oil blankets are offered in various lengths and with the addition of an anti-microbial agent. MBZI also offers products Neutralizer Spill Kits, Wastewater Classifier Kits, FloodSax and much more.




Oil and hazmat spills and leaks can be catastrophic, costing you and your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean up. As the #1 leading trusted solutions provider for spills and hazmat, MBZI offers the best in class customer service with the best rates and fastest delivery to help achieve SPCC and SWPPP regulation compliance. For more details or questions regarding our products, contact us today. For additional product specifications, please browse our website.

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