No Butts about It - Cigarettes are Gross - There's a better way

No Butts about It - Cigarettes are Gross - There's a better way


Cigarettes are gross. Even smokers think they’re gross.

But whether you’re partial to lighting up every now and then or not, the litter that is left from them is a problem. Whether you’re in charge of cleaning up after careless smokers or creating a welcoming entrance to an establishment, a well-placed cigarette receptacle can be a very valuable asset.

We show you what can happen if you or your customer chooses the wrong cigarette receptacle. What’s wrong with it? Well, it’s not UltraTech’s. Duh. Could this same scenario happen with one of ours? Probably, but making fun of our competitors is much more amusing.

So, what’s the answer? Where’s the solution?

  1. Buy Ultra-Smoke Stops. Buy LOTS of them. And buy them repeatedly.
  2. DON’T tip them over with the lid off.
  3. Empty them every 1,000 cigarettes or so.

The UltraTech-Smoke Stop is a perfect fit for all cigarette disposal needs and comes in a variety of colors and models to match any decor or need.  And it won't tip over.  Unless you push it really hard.  Or karate kick it.  Or in hurricane force winds (category 3 and higher).

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