Preparing Your Facility for Hazardous Spills

Preparing Your Facility for Hazardous Spills

Industrial facilities that house and store chemicals, oils and other hazardous materials are particularly vulnerable to spills. Inevitably, drum containers crack or are tipped over on accident, making it essential that your facility have safety measures in place for spill containment. Outfitting your workplace with proper spill containment will put your mind at ease AND keep you in compliance.

Thor Spill and Containment offers several solutions for you to adequately prepare your facility.

  1. Spill Pallets  - Spill pallets are designed for you to place your drums on top. In the event of a spill, the Ultra-Spill Pallet is specially constructed to support heavy loads and designed to be easily used and transported. Its 100% Polyethylene construction makes it compatible with a wide range of chemicals, while its low-rise walls give more accessibility for pouring. Helps meet spill containment regulations for up to four drums and comply with SPCC and EPA spill containment requirements. Every UltraTech Spill Containment Pallet is constructed with a patented design called, “The Cross of Life,” which protects the Pallet’s structural integrity while bearing a heavy load over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the cross pulls the all polyethylene sides towards the center, instead of allowing them to sag outward.  This greatly extends the life of the containment pallet and guards against large hazmat spills caused by sagging sides. We offer the first recycled spill pallet on the market.

  1. Spill Decks - Spill decks are another great option for spill containment. Although spill decks do not hold as much liquid as Spill Pallets, a bladder can be added for added spill containment. Spill Decks offer more versatility in drum configuration which can save on space. The low profile design reduces safety and handling concerns found with taller spill containment pallets. Our inline models come pre-drilled so they can be quickly assembled without tools. Our spill decks meet SPCC and EPA Container storage regulations.

Preparing your facility before spills and accidents occur is essential to protecting yourself from workplace injuries, fines and liabilities. For more information regarding spill containment and all of Thor’s offerings, please browse our website.

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