Sometimes you just have to treat chemicals like prisoners

Sometimes you just have to treat chemicals like prisoners

Sometimes you just have to treat chemicals like prisoners. You wouldn’t let a prisoner escape, would you? Trust us, when it comes to dealing with hazardous chemicals such as oil and other toxic liquids, you never want to risk an escape.

No Chemical Escapes Allowed

At Thor Spill and Containment, we love our UltraTech International Spill Containment Berms, but  if you’re dealing with large amounts of liquid that require outrageous containment capacities, the Ultra-Containment Wall is the ultimate prison. We would place any chemicals within the walls of the unit and walk away worry-free. For jobs where large containment is necessary, you just don’t want to risk it with containment berms. Turn to Ultra-Containment Walls instead as a solution.

UltraTech Containment Wall

Ultra-Containment Walls

Ultra-Containment Walls are pretty awesome. The containment product is available in much taller heights than the typical containment berms. With the option of 1, 2, and 3 feet, you can effectively store much larger amounts of liquid. Containment berms only hold twelve inches, which is incredible, but we understand that it doesn’t work for every job, especially when you need more storage capacity. Available in various system sizes, the containment walls come either assembled or with individual components so you can create a containment area that suits you or your customer’s needs.

Ultra Containment WallWorking with the UltraTech Ultra-Containment Wall is easy! Simply lay out the liner first, then assemble the other components, to create a wall with the required height. The modular system is compatible with any chemical, and is durable enough to store them long-term. The components are easy to assemble and disassemble, therefore you can create whatever size or shape you need. The polyethylene liner is perfect for a no-prisoner-escape job, utilizing strong materials to capture any spills. The containment unit, available through Thor Spill and Containment, can be used in any environment, no matter how rugged, perfect for jobs on soil, sand, factories, concrete, and more.

Specifications on UltraTech Containment Wall - Systems

Part #

Wall Height

Usable Dimensions ft. (m)

Item Quantity

Containment Capacity gal. (L)

Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)


1 ft. (0.3 m)

12 x 59 x 1 (3.7 x 18 x 0.3)

14-Straight, 4-Corners

5,136 (19,442)

1,171.0 (531.1)


1 ft. (0.3 m)

69 x 69 x 1 (21 x 21 x 0.3)

28-Straight, 4-Corners

35,550 (134,571)

3,000.0 (1,360.8)


2 ft. (0.6 m)

12 x 59 x 2 (3.7 x 18 x 0.6)

16-Straight, 4-Corners

10,372 (39,262)

2,435.0 (1,104.5)


2 ft. (0.6 m)

67 x 67 x 2 (20.4 x 20.4 x 0.6)

32-Straight, 4-Corners

66,161 (250,446)

4,009.0 (1,818.4)


3 ft. (0.9 m)

15 x 53 x 3 (4.6 x 16 x 0.9)

22-Straight, 4-Corners

17,978 (68,054)

2,973.0 (1,348.5)


3 ft. (0.9 m)

70 x 70 x 3 (21 x 21 x 0.9)

48-Straight, 4-Corners

109,744 (415,426)

6,437.0 (2,919.8)

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Call us today at 1-800-764-9563 for more information on how to successfully contain the chemicals you are working with or for further information on the benefits of working with the Ultra-Containment Wall. Give us a call for more specifications on the various UltraTech International Containment Wall systems available through Thor Spill and Containment.

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