SpilFyter Pads to Absorb Industrial Chemical Spills

SpilFyter Pads to Absorb Industrial Chemical Spills

SpilFyter Pads for Serious Spills 


spilfyter absorbent pads wipes for hazmat oils chemical spills

Thor Spill and Containment is excited to distribute SpilFyter products such as the efficient and popular SpilFyter Absorbent Pads. Thor Spill and Containment customers have access to these super sorbent pads at low market prices. SpilFyter recognized the importance of super absorbent pads, useful in any spill stations. This lead the company to develop specialty spill response pads ideal for absorbing and that work even on tough chemicals, grime, grease, hazmat, oils and much more. The efficient SpilFyter sorbent pads are durable as an added bonus! Additionally, the spill response pads include other features and benefits such as the fact that they are simple to grab and go and work instantly to absorb spills before they get out of hand.


About SpilFyter

spilfyter absorbent padsSpilFyter has revolutionized what is possible for sorbents and wiping products. The company offers the best wipes, spill kits, sorbents, and other specialty spill containment and response products. The industry leading solutions are manufactured by the company with the goal of controlling spills with easy to use, efficient products. The company offers a line of fine fiber sorbents that absorb various types of spill including those of hydrocarbon based liquids or other non-aggressive or even aggressive toxic chemicals. Other SpilFyter products include oil only sorbents, cellulose-based sorbents, universal sorbents, hazmat sorbents, static resistant sorbents, spill kits, wipes and more. The company is dedicated to keeping the environment clean, a goal possible with their environmentally friendly spill response options. Thor Spill and Containment was excited to partner with the company to provide our own customers with such ideal spill response specialty products.

 SpilFyter Absorbent Spill Kits For oil spills for trucks diesel big rigs spill produts

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Contact Thor Spill and Containment today to hear about all the SpilFyter solutions we distribute to our customers including their full range of sorbents such as SpilFyter wipes. When it comes to absorbing spills, such absorbents are a great choice. Let us talk you through the different options and find a versatile solution that works for all your needs. Ordering is easy, and we at Thor Spill and Containment offer convenient delivery as well.  You can also visit our website at http://thorspillproducts.com/ to read more about SpilFyter products and to read customer reviews on the different high quality options we distribute at affordable prices. We look forward to hearing from you!



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