SpilFyter Spill Kits for Labs  - Small Spill Containment for Laboratories

SpilFyter Spill Kits for Labs - Small Spill Containment for Laboratories

SpilFyter Spill Kits for Labs

Thor Spill and Containment represents the best in brands ideal for spill response and containment solutions.Thor  solutions have provided customers around the world to prepare for the potentially devastating consequences spills pose to businesses, including manufacturers, warehouse operators and many more. One of the featured brands offered at Thor Spill and Containment is  NPS Spilfyter. NPS manufactures a full line of spill kits, wipes, sorbent pads, and spill related solutions which are top of class when it comes to speed, volume and hi visibility spill containment and absorption.  When searching for spill kits for laboratories and smaller scale applications,SpilFyter Spill Kits for Labs are available through Thor Spill and Containment at the best market price.

SpilFyter Spill Kits for Labs  for small spill containment - laboratories

Laboratory Small Spill Kits - Keeping Spills Contained

SpilFyter Spill Kits for Laboratories / Labs are a “go to” solution for many across the nation.  With multiple uses, the spill kit is packed in a metal cabinet, that can can accessed easily and quickly.  The portable small laboratory spill kit is essentially an all in one emergency small spill response unit. The metal cabinet can even be mounted on the wall for space savings and further convenience. The SpilFyter spill kits are suitable for cleaning up liquid spills such as toxic, acid, solvent, oils, and other kinds of spills. In laboratory settings, such spills are not rare, and being prepared is key. Spill kits for labs allow you to be prepared, and to respond in a timely, efficient manner. The cabinet includes 5 universal pads, 2 carton super sorbents, 6 hazmat socks, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, 1 whisk on pan and sweep, 1 disposal bag and twist tie, 1 pair of splash goggles, and 1 metal wall mount cabinet. Whether you are working with aggressive or non-aggressive chemicals, we guarantee SpilFyter products are a trustable source for small laboratory spill kits. Through Thor Spill and Containment, you can have access to these industry leading spill kits at an affordable price. Being prepared has never been easier.

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Contact Thor Spill and Containment today to hear more about the SpilFyter company and the advantages of the product solutions they manufacture. One of our certified representatives will talk you through the SpilFyter units we offer as well as help you find the right SpilFyter solution for you. Or visit our website at https://www.thorspillproducts.com for images and videos regarding the Spill kits for labs available for purchase today as well as the various other spill response and containment solutions we distribute for our customers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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