SpilFyter Spill Kits, Sorbents, Spill Control, Wipes & More

SpilFyter Spill Kits, Sorbents, Spill Control, Wipes & More

SpilFyter Products

When it comes to the most effective, environmentally friendly spill control products, Thor Spill and Containment has you covered with our selection of SpilFyter products. SpilFyter has impressed customers globally with their innovative range of products including spill kits, sorbents, specialty spill control, wipes, and more. A standout in the industry, SpilFyter has transformed what is possible when it comes to spill prevention and response. Thor Spill and Containment is proud to distribute their products to our customers at an affordable price! Taking precautions when it comes to spills is vital to protecting your health, safety, equipment, the environment, and more. Cleaning up spills can take enormous amounts of time and money, not to mention present dangerous consequences. Equipping yourself or your company with the right products for prevention as well as for response in the case of emergencies, is the best cautionary step you can take. SpilFyter’s line of products allows you to do just that in an efficient manner.

 Spilfyter offers a full line of premium and economy fine fiber sorbents designed to absorb and contain spills ranging from hydrocarbon-based liquids to non-aggressive and aggressive chemicals.

Absorbent Pads and Spill Control Kits

Some of SpilFyter’s popular selections include their absorbent pads and spill control kits. SpilFyter absorbent pads incorporate fine fiber sorbents in their design, that are ideal for absorbing any chemical spills. Whether hydrocarbon based liquids have spilled or even aggressive chemicals their absorbent pads are the perfect solution. The certified, advanced solutions can help you absorb oils, lubricants, and more, keeping floors safe, dry, and clean, in the process. Spill control kits are also a great choice as they contain all you need to prevent or to respond to spill emergencies.

Wipes and Specialty Spill Control

SpilFyter also offers other specialty products such as wipes. Their wipes are excellent for cleaning purposes and won’t scratch surfaces. Customers also love their specialty spill control equipment options such as their Hazmat units as well as products for the lab and cleanroom. Such essentials help keep the work area safe and free of liquid or chemical spills. If a spill emergency does occur, the specialty units can help stop the liquid in its tracks before it travels and causes further damage.


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