Spill Containment Pallets work against Chemical Leaks or Spills

Spill Containment Pallets work against Chemical Leaks or Spills

UltraTech Spill Containment Pallets

One product attributing to preventing much of toxic waste damage across the nation are UltraTech Spill Containment Pallets.  They are designed to help against chemical leaks or spills. The Spill Containment Pallets specialize in storing drums and allowing for secondary spill containment. Thor Spill and Containment’s Spill Pallets help you store drums, an often hazardous process, safely. By utilizing the spill containment pallets, you can ensure your drums are protected from unexpected leaks and spills.  With the ability to store up to four 55-gallon drums, there is a standard version and the low-rise wall version; both allowing for a suitable level for pouring hazardous wastes that also keeps the drums or funnels at a safe position. The tall head space also works for large funnels. Thor Spill and Containment  sells a variety of spill containment pallets including UltraTech Hard Top spill pallets, all of which can be locked simply with a standard padlock and are designed for easy transportation and bearing heavy weights. While more weight is poured on the top of the pallet, the UltraTech patented cross section design constructed helps pull the sides toward the center, therefore preventing them from sagging outward and potentially spilling out liquids.  While other spill containment brands sag and snap, the UltraTech spill pallets offers reliability along with a 5 year warranty.  Additionally, the yellow sidewalls of these UltraTech spill containment pallets make it easy for customers to notice potential leaks. The steel construction ensures easy unloading and loading of heavy drums, and can be effective when dealing with any chemicals.

Thor Spill Containment Pallets Prevent Toxic Waste Damage

As the West Coast master distributor of UltraTech products, Thor Spill and Containment has helped prevent much toxic waste damage when it comes to oil spill and chemical management. We specialize in a wide range of spill kit and containment products from containment berms, spill decks, sumps, spill trays, spill containment pallets, debris screens, and gravel bags, to even more. Oil spill and chemical management involves numerous environmental regulations in addition to the many risks involved. With its extensive selection of safety products, Thor Spill and Containment emphasizes complying with such regulations and instilling preventive measures for your organization. Low quality spill containment products can lead to unnecessary spills as well as risking environmental compliance regulations. The 350+ products specialize in containing spills as well as responding to spills. Popular products including Spill Containment Pallets also follow environmental rules including the EPA’s Container Storage Regulations, Stormwater Management Regulations, SPCC Regulations, and more.

UltraTech Manufactures Many Spill Containment Products - Pallets

Thor Spill and Containment distributes UltraTech spill containment and kit products for the West Coast. UltraTech, founded in the early 1980s, has worked on providing high quality spill containment and spill response products. The company’s impressive selection includes innovative problem-solving products that are effective in many categories including oil spills, facility protection, microbes, stormwater management, rad waste management, and more. The market leading products are engineered to utilize the best technology and safely contain spills or respond to the dangers of oil and chemical spills.

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