Stop Spills From Going Down the Drain with UltraTech’s Drain Seals

Stop Spills From Going Down the Drain with UltraTech’s Drain Seals

UltraTech Drain Seals - Drain Covers

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When it comes to preparing for toxic spill precautions, you can never be too careful. One emergency response product we recommend to all of our Thor Spill and Containment customers is the UltraTech Drain Seals/ Cover. The containment unit is an effective solution for sealing drains in emergency spill response situations. Constructed with UltraTech’s latest technology, the Drain Seals utilizes flexible mesh that is resistant to tears and does not absorb any toxic waste. Customers can simply place the product on top of their drains and have a durable storm drain cover in seconds. The mesh pad is usable in any emergency situation when you simply need to seal a drain right away. Available through Thor Spill and Containment, the UltraTech Mesh Drain Covers can be purchased in different cuts such as square, rectangular, or circular, and in different sizes, making them suitable for any drains you need covered. Every shape and size of the cover is designed with a mesh material and polyurethane, that allows for maximum strength and effectiveness.

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UltraTech Drain Cover

The Ultra-Drain Seal is a valuable addition to any emergency response plan, spill kit or stormwater management program.

  • This storm drain cover is constructed with a flexible, non-absorbing material and reinforced tear-resistant mesh, the pad is designed to quickly and effectively seal a drain in an emergency.
  • Mesh interior is sandwiched between layers of polyurethane, which increases durability and gives it the flexibility to deform and seal off most drains.

Why Do Drain Seals / Covers Matter?

Many customers ask us why? Why purchase the mesh drain filter cover in the first place, and is it really necessary? the answer is, yes. You can never be too safe when there is so much at risk. If contaminants from stormwater runoff or from a nearby spill accident were to enter drains, they would enter our water system. Such water effects our water supply, our oceans, where many marine animals live, and more. Allowing spills to make their ways to nearby drains not only damages the workplace, but it also causes harm to our health and the health of the fragile environment. Mesh Drain Covers present a suitable solution that is affordable and actually works to seal off our drains and protect our precious water systems. The two sides of the cover are designed in a way to seal the drain effectively on both sides. The two sides can resist many toxic chemicals such as oil and other pollutants that may make their way to the drain from stormwater runoff or during an emergency spill.

Purchase Today Through Thor Spill and Containment

Contact Thor Spill and Containment or visit our website at to learn more about the various benefits of using UltraTech Mesh Drain Covers. Or click here to purchase your own custom sized or shaped Mesh Drain Cover today.

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