Thor Spill and Containment Creates Construction Compliance Solutions

Thor Spill and Containment Creates Construction Compliance Solutions

Thor Spill and Containment Creates Construction Compliance Solutions

Instituting construction compliance reduces the release of toxic construction site runoff and prevents major, costly fines. If you work on construction related projects, preventing and protecting against spills is 100% necessary. Using construction compliance solutions will help you decrease the release of harmful chemicals, oils, and sediments that could make their way into nearby drains, waterways, and the environment.

Prevent EPA Fines with Thor Solutions

Following construction regulations is simple with Thor Spill and Containment’s construction compliance industry leading solutions. Such products include Drain guards, Dewatering bags, and Concrete Washout Berms. Drain guards are useful because they filter any stormwater waste, removing contaminants before the liquid makes its way into the drain. Such construction compliance solutions effectively protect against toxic runoff from construction sites.

Drain Guards UltraTech

Dewatering bags are also a great option, as any water pumped into the unit is effectively filtered. This ensures that only water makes its way onto the ground and nearby drains or water systems. Concrete Washout Berms, a popular construction compliance solution, are a lightweight portable solution for collecting any dangerous mud, concrete, sediment, mortar, and other potential contaminants from your construction work site. Now, following your construction project, you can simply clean your equipment in a safe and effective manner.

Sediment Filter Bags Dewatering Bags

Contact Thor Spill and Containment

For more information on the right construction compliance solution for you, contact Thor Spill and Containment. Don’t wait until damage is done to the environment, or until your company is faced with an expensive fine. Utilize Thor Spill and Containment solutions to ensure you are following all necessary regulations.

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