UltraTech Ever Dry - Hydrophobic NanoTech - Repels Water & Oils

UltraTech Ever Dry - Hydrophobic NanoTech - Repels Water & Oils

UltraTech Ever Dry

Prepare to be amazed as the latest UltraTech innovation, available through Thor Spill and Containment, revolutionizes the way you protect your equipment, tools, and more. The UltraTech Ever Dry helps extend the life of your products and creates a safer and cleaner work environment in the process. The latest UltraTech product utilizes advanced nanotechnology and when used creates a hydrophobic top coat, which can repel liquids such as water and oils from your coated surface. The UltraTech Ever Dry protects such surfaces from wetting, corrosion, icing, and more. Keep your surfaces free of liquids or potentially dangerous substances, and keep it clean as well.



UltraTech Ever Dry Specifications

Thor Spill and Containment is excited to announce the launch of UltraTech Every Dry products. The product is essentially an oleophobic and superhydrophobic coating that can be used to coat an object and essentially create a repellent surface. Unlike any other coating on the market, the UltraTech Ever Dry repels liquids including water, refined oils, wet concrete, and more effectively. Customers have found difficulty finding a product that can resist such liquids, which is why UltraTech decided to create an all in one product that would protect such susceptible surfaces from liquids. Often in industrial environments, many tools, equipment, and more, can be susceptible to moisture that causes corrosion and wetting or icing that damages or destroys such surfaces and tools. The UltraTech Ever Dry prevents such problems from costing you time and money.

ultratech ever dry water liquid oil repellent

UltraTech Ever Dry Uses - Water, Oil, and Liquid Repellent

Customers have raved about the benefits of using UltraTech Ever Dry top coating, available for purchase through Thor Spill and Containment, on their surfaces, such as increasing the longevity of their products. Common uses for the product are to prevent icing, corrosion, contamination, wetting, and more. Often the formation of ice or frost can be hard or impossible to remove, but any surface you coat with the Ever Dry product will repel such ice and keep the surface dry. Customers also love the anti-corrosion features which allow protection against water, aqueous acids, and other liquids that can lead to corrosion and destruction of equipment. Additionally, liquids can carry bacteria and contaminate your surfaces, which can create a dangerous and unhealthy working atmosphere. With UltraTech Ever Dry, customers can easily decontaminate their surfaces and walk away worry free. Common applications for the product Thor Spill and Containment customers have utilized include on surfaces such as bricks, machinery, work vehicles, cinder blocks, boats, engines, tools, bolts, cooling coils, and more.

Please visit Thor Spill and Containment at https://www.thorspillproducts.com to learn more about the UltraTech Ever Dry or to purchase your own today.

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