UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets - Best in Quality & Price

UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets - Best in Quality & Price

UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets

Spill Containment has never been safer and more convenient! The possibilities and solutions created by UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets are endless, which is why we at Thor Spill and Containment are proud to distribute them to our customers. The portable IBC Spill Pallets are designed to allow for spill containment for large containers including IBCs. You can place your IBC tanks on the durable IBC Spill Pallet, without worry of potential spills making their way onto the floor and into the environment. The heavy duty pallet will not corrode, and works well with various chemicals! The chemical resistant pallet is constructed with 100% polyethylene materials, which helps it last long and serve as an ideal spill containment solution. The pallet makes it easier than ever to handle IBC tanks as well as to move them around. The spill pallet allows for a load capacity of hundreds to thousands of pounds! Regarded as a “best management practice” in terms of stormwater management, the UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets have multiple features and advantages such as a low profile that makes accessing the tanks quick, an ability to be transported using forklifts, the capacity to support heavy loads, easy maintenance, environmental regulation compliance, and more!


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About Thor Spill and Containment

Thor Spill and Containment works hard to distribute top of the line spill containment and repose products including UltraTech’s industry leading range of solutions. Our company is dedicated to helping you or your business stay safe and environmentally friendly when it comes to working with toxic chemicals. We offer a wide range of products including spill pallets, spill decks, storm water drain guards, spill trays, absorbent traps, spill berms, and more. The various solutions we distribute to our customers work for many fields including stormwater management, spill containment, facility protection, construction compliance, rad waste management, microbes, oil spill response, and more! Our company offers over 350 products, and works with incredible manufacturers including the nationwide recognized and praised UltraTech International.

About UltraTech

UltraTech International has spent decades manufacturing hundreds of products that make a cleaner and safer world possible! For companies or individuals working with toxic chemicals, their company has revolutionized what is possible in terms of emergency response, spill containment, efficiency, safety, environmental regulation compliance, and more! Using advanced technologies and over 60 unique patents, UltraTech is the #1 source for such solutions.


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Contact Thor Spill and Containment today to learn more about our line of spill containment solutions including UltraTech IBC Spill Pallets. One of our certified team members will talk you through specifications and help you find the ideal, low cost, solution, suitable for all your potential needs. Or continue exploring our website here at http://thorspillproducts.com/ for images, prices, testimonials, and more! We look forward to serving you.

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