UltraTech Oil Spill Containment

UltraTech Oil Spill Containment

UltraTech Oil Spill Containment for Oil Spills 

UltraTech Oil Eating Microbes and Booms

UltraTech International manufactures top rated and best selling oil spill containment products.  As the high volume, factory direct UltraTech spill containment product distributor, Thor Spill and Containment is the #1 trusted source.  Our UltraTech oil spill containment products include microbes, oil filter booms, oil blankets, skirted oil filter booms, and more. Oil spills and leaks can be catastrophic, costing you and your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean up and appliance replacement. In emergencies like those, you need to use reliable spill containment products to ensure you don’t end up wasting time and money, as well as putting the environment in danger!

Oil eating microbes

New Products

The new UltraTech International innovations include microbes, oil filter booms, oil blankets, and skirted oil filter booms. Microbes are available as Ultra Microbe shakers, water soluble packets, bulk bags, or booms. Microbe shakers are available for use on smaller spill areas. These shakers are available in water proof containers which hold the product in bentonite clay powder, allowing the microbes to survive. Microbe water soluble packets are available as well. These 4 oz. packets allow for oil removal. Simply, throw the packets into oil/water separators, grease traps, catch basins, as well as other areas, and oil containment works instantly. Microbe bulk bags are also an option, great for larger spills. Microbe booms also work and are constructed with polyethylene from, which allows for floating on the surface of water while simultaneously absorbing oil. Microbe booms can be dropped in catch basins, oil separators, or even tied off in such areas. There, they can collect oily water.

Oil Spills

A different solution for cleaning and containing oil spills are oil blankets. UltraTech Oil blankets are ideal for saving beaches or shorelines from oil spills. Customers can use them to absorb oil or other hydrocarbon leaks before they even make its to land. Oil filter booms are another possible application. These 6 feet long booms are constructed with Ultra-X-Tex that allow them to collect oil at a faster rate than standard booms. The material involved in the oil filter booms makes it simple for water to pass through while any oil present is filtered. Customers can also choose skirted oil filter booms, which not only contain oil spills at the surface, but also below the surface.

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