UltraTech Spill Trays

UltraTech Spill Trays

UltraTech Spill Trays For Labs:

ultratech spill trays

The necessity for spill containment in labs is important, especially when handling dangerous chemicals and hazardous material.  We understand your need for secondary containment for small desktop / laboratory containers and packages.  This is why we offer the UltraTech Spill Trays available for purchase.

Laboratory Spill Trays for Chemicals

Keeping spills on contained on UltraTech spill trays is safer than having it happen on laboratory floors.  Medical facilities and research environments should have quality spill trays handy as it can be catastrophic when toxic chemicals make their way through the onto the floor and into the environment.  Our spill trays are ideal for stopping such chemicals in their tracks.  

Spill Containment Solution for Labs / Laboratories

When it comes to spills and leaks from smaller containers, beakers, jars, and more, UltraTech Spill trays are ideal as they can contain up to such containers holding up to 2.9 gallons of toxic liquids. Designed with removable grates as well as a built-in spout, the spill trays not only contain any spillage from such containers, they make cleanup and maintenance easy. Additionally, the 100% polyethylene UlrtraTech Spill Trays are ideal for such uses as it makes the trays further durable and resistant to corroding by chemicals. The innovative secondary containment product is compatible with many different chemicals, making it an effective option for various environments and fields. Now you can safely store and transport any containers or lab ware holding dangerous chemicals as well as pour such liquids without fear of spill consequences. The UltraTech Spill trays were designed to be used in environments such as industrial facilities, medical centers, laboratories, research centers, and more, where secondary containment needs to be considered.

ultratech spill tray containment for labs laboratories

Contact Thor Spill and Containment

Contact Thor Spill and Containment today to hear more about UltraTech secondary containment options including UltraTech Spill Trays, a customer favorite. One of our company certified representatives will talk you through each of the UltraTech solutions we distribute and help you make the right choice. We know the decision can be overwhelming; we will be there to help you narrow down your choice and find the versatile containment or secondary containment solution that works for you. Or, continue exploring our website for images, videos, customer testimonials, and access to our full line of UltraTech products. We assure the lowest price on the market for such innovative products. We look forward to helping you to find the right solution to meet your various needs. Spill Containment is easy starting today!

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