Wait... did you Duct Tape holes in your Drums?

Wait... did you Duct Tape holes in your Drums?

Don’t Duct Tape the holes in your Drums

Yeah, perhaps you thought of this or maybe not, but it’s been done.  Using Duct Tape as a Spill prevention Solution is probably not going to fly with EPA and Federal regulations.    Would we do it?  Seriously… IF there was NO way around it and no available solution.  But perhaps if you warehouse a whole bunch of sand and sawdust to contain expected hazardous chemical spills.  Then… I guess that’s one solution.     

Wait.. did you really duct tape your 55 gallon drums to stop leakage?

There is an Answer that doesn’t require Duct Tape, Sand and Sawdust!

Don’t Let Drum Spill Response Go Wrong.  We don’t know who has the time or labor force to purchase sand or sawdust to absorb spilled toxic chemicals.  When it comes to drum spills or spill containment in general, the solution should be efficient and as simple as possible. Instead of using duct tape that isn’t a safe or long term solution that is likely to result in spills.  Having to pour sand and sawdust, waiting for all liquid to be absorbed, then shoveling the wet, heavy sand into disposal bins compatible with chemicals is just plain tedious work.  Have a solution that works for you, while keeping you EPA and Federal compliant.

 handle toxic waste with sawdust

EPA and Federal Regulations are so important to follow in order to guarantee safety and health, as well as to make sure your company is allowed to continue its work. With hundreds to thousands of regulations to follow, finding a solution can seem impossible. With a guarantee that their products pass all such regulations, let Thor Spill and Containment products such as Drum Tourniquets help you.


UltraTech Drum Tourniquets for Purchase Online

ultratech drum tourniquette

Ultratech Drum Tourniquets are a widely trusted and used solution, available for purchase through Thor Spill and Containment.   UltraTech International manufactures only the best in spill containment solutions.

You can never be too safe when it comes to leaks, even though drums are durable, a leak can occur, and being prepared is the best step you can take, to save you from potentially disastrous leaks. Thor Spill and Containment’s Drum Tourniquets utilize powerful magnets that latch onto your drum and seal off the source of the leak. The punctured area is covered by a sealing pad that does not allow any chemicals to pass through. The strong magnets make sure the sealing pad stays in place!

Don’t make the mistake of spending time shoveling sand, or even utilizing other products such as duct tape. Instead, spend seconds applying drum tourniquets, allowing you to go back to work faster and without worry. Simply apply Thor Spill and Containment’s Drum Tourniquets, and you can walk away with no worries of future spills.
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