We like them strong, steady and predictable!  Mini foam wall berms

We like them strong, steady and predictable! Mini foam wall berms

At Thor Spill and Containment, we don’t know about you, but we like things being predictable. If they’re predictable, we can plan for them! Getting to work and seeing a chemical spill has occurred or that one of our vehicles is leaking sounds like the worst thing and definitely something we’d want to avoid. And unfortunately, none of us have the time to stay at work all day and wait around for a potential spill. At Thor Spill and Containment, we are excited to offer a solution that does not require waiting around.

Our Strong, Steady and Predictable Mini Foam Wall Berms

ultratech mini foam berm duck pond for spill containment

The UltraTech Spill Containment Berm mini foam wall model helps you leave work without worries of what you are leaving behind. The durable berms make working with chemicals safe and easy! Not only can you avoid sitting around waiting for a catastrophe, but you can also store such safety measures easily without wasting space or any heavy lifting. The UltraTech Containment mini Berms or duck ponds, available for customers through Thor Spill and Containment, include an advanced design process that allows users to fold up the mini berms and store them until deployment is necessary. Once needed, customers can fold down the berms and watch as the foam sidewalls provide support. For example, customers can place them under vehicles storing chemicals, and any spilled liquid will not make it past the foam sidewalls. The durable construction of the UltraTech Containment Berm and 18 ounce PVC construction. The foam walls have a 6 inch height that protects your work space and the environment from any potential spills.

ultratech mini foam wall berm

Customers love using the UltraTech Containment Berm for catching any leaks the moment they occur, whether it is under trucks or other vehicles or any liquid containers or drums. Customers have even used the spill containment product for drums, cans, compressors, batteries, and more. The UltraTech Containment Berm is also useful transferring fuels from tank to your vehicles.

mini foam wall berms by ultratech many sizes

Trust us, using a spill containment product is much easier and safer than waiting around for the day tragedy strikes and you are left with a mess that takes months to years and lots of money to clean up. Also, protect the health of your workplace and others nearby. Keeping the environment in mind when dealing with such toxic chemicals is also important, as spills can damage the environment.

Please contact Thor Spill and Containment today for more details on the UltraTech Containment Berm, so you can be plan and be ready for anything!



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