Ultra-Smart Drain 3610 - 34" to 48"

$ 1,742.00

Ultra-Smart Drain

Stop spills AUTOMATICALLY - before they enter the drain

There are a lot of great spill response products available. We know because we make them! The challenge with spill response products is that they need a human being to use, or deploy them.

For example, the Ultra-Drain Seal is one of our most popular spill response products. If there's a spill, you take it out of its box and lay it on top of a susceptible drain - preventing the spill from getting into the drainage system and spreading even further. But what if no one is around when the spill occurs or there are personnel around but no one notices until it's too late.
That's what makes the Ultra-Smart Drain so cool! Simply install it in any susceptible drain and, under normal circumstances, storm water will flow into the drain as intended. But in the case of a spill the unit will spring shut? after the fusible link has dissolved keeping any further spillage from getting into the storm water system.
  • Locking mechanism quickly detects some hydrocarbons such as gasoline and diesel. Other hazardous chemicals, including acetone and xylene will also activate the unit, automatically sealing off the drain.
  • No personnel response required to close off drains. No buttons to press or valves to turn. The Ultra-Smart Drain knows when there is hazardous material present and seals itself off.
  • Corrosion resistant construction.
  • Quick and easy installation - simply lift grate and drop into place.
  • Various sizes to almost any drain.
  • Mechanical system requires no batteries, ready to respond 24/7.