Absorbent Pads

When it comes to choosing the perfect spill cleaning products, the choice can be difficult. There are so many questions to consider, such as which chemicals might possibly leak, what types of products you want to work with, what types of chemicals you want to absorb, and more. Spilfyter has designed multiple products that work perfectly for absorbing all kinds of chemicals, from non aggressive to aggressive liquids. For this reason, Thor Spill and Containment is excited to partner with the company and to distribute their solutions at the lowest market price. These absorbents are absolutely necessary when working with toxic chemicals. A spill can happen at any time, to any person, no matter how careful you are. Therefore, being prepared with spill response and containment products is a necessary step to take.

Spilfyter Absorbent Solutions 

Absorbent pads are one of Spilfyter’s top spill response solutions, loved by Thor Spill and Containment customers around the globe. The multi use sorbents were made to work for various applications, absorbing all kinds of liquids. The flexible pads, help you save both time and money, as they work efficiently, absorbing liquids they are placed on top of, or that come into contact with them. Clean up has never been faster and more productive. These small portable absorbent pads are not only easy to use and transport, but also absorb large weights of liquid. Chemicals that can be absorbed include hydrocarbons, diesel, gasoline, oil, lubricating oil, water based liquids, solvents, coolants, and more. The pads are also non-bonded, a feature that allows for total 100% absorption. The durable pads can be used as liners, can be placed on top of spreading spill, and more. Available in packages and dispensable boxes, portability is made easier as well. These sorbents are composed with top of the line materials that allow for strong absorption such as melt blown polypropylene, called MBPP. This allows the units to absorb up to an incredible 20 times the weight of the actual units. Minimize the dangers involved in chemical leaks and spills with innovative absorbent pads

Thor Spill and Containment Quality Solutions 

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