Absorbent Socks

Environmental protection is a major factor to consider when working with hazardous waste. Whether you are working with oils or other toxic chemicals, preventative steps must be taken because a spill can occur at any time. Preparing for such spills can seem stressful, which is why Thor Spill and Containment has worked hard to take the hassle out of selecting the right products. Our company has filtered through numerous brands, and found the best in the industry, ensuring that our customers will purchase industry leading innovations. We distribute hundreds of products from brands such as UltraTech International, Hazmat, Spilfyter, and more!

Contain or Absorb Spill Areas

If you or your company work with hazardous chemicals and contaminants, a great precautionary step you can take is purchasing such spill containment and response solutions. One great option is absorbent socks, multi-purpose and durable spill response units. Manufactured by Spilfyter, and distributed by our company, these socks are designed with sorbent materials that allow for efficient absorption of toxic and non-aggressive chemicals. The inside of the socks contain granular fillers composed of recycled materials, allowing for strong absorption. When a spill occurs containing such pollutants, you can utilize Spilfyter absorbent socks in numerous ways. An option for use is placing the socks close to the area that has been contaminated, and essentially incorporating them as a barrier. Any spill that has occurred will therefore not make its way past this barrier. These socks are made with polyester casings that allow you to conveniently bend the socks around any equipment or areas you want to enclose. Whether you need to wrap the sock around tanks, sinks, leaking equipment, and more. After containing the spill, utilize other Spilfyter products such as absorbent pads and pillows to fully absorb extra liquids. Another use for absorbent socks is simply using them as the absorbent. These units are equipped for absorbing various toxic fluids such as gasoline, diesel, oil, hydrocarbons, cutting fluids, turpentine, and more! 


Further Specifications 

For further details on Spilfyter absorbent socks, view images and testimonials on our website here at http://thorspillproducts.com/. Or, simply contact us and one of our representatives will discuss the incredible, quality products with you. Also, view videos demonstrating how to use absorbent socks as well as their various applications.