Absorbent Wipes

Spills and leaks not only put you and the environment in danger, but are also extremely difficult to clean up. Finding the right products to accomplish this task can seem daunting, but Thor Spill and Containment has hand-picked the right, quality spill control accessories and products. We distribute such solutions from industry dominating brands such as Spilfyter, UltraTech International, Hazmat, and more. Instead of buying multiple products that don’t last long, finding the perfect set of cleaning accessories is an important way to save time and money for your company. 

Excellent Spill Cleaning Supplies

One option when it comes to spill response and control supplies, is the in demand, absorbent wipes made by Spilfyter. These absorbent wipes are available through Thor Spill and Containment at the lowest market price. Spilfyter has impressed the industry and users globally with their set of ideal spill cleaning options. Their absorbent wipes are no different! These products are composed of fine fiber sorbents that are the best option when it comes to absorbing toxic chemical spills. These wipes are efficient in absorption when it comes to both aggressive and non aggressive chemicals such as oils, turpentine, cutting fluids, coolants, diesel, gas, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, hydrocarbons, acetone, grease, and more Whether  spill has occurred on glass or other surfaces, you can rely on such wipes for fast paced cleaning that won’t scratch your surfaces or equipment. They are also soft to touch, and easy to use. Invest in the future of your company with superior absorbent wipes made with environmentally friendly recycled parts. These Spilyfter units come in portable boxes, essentially in small dispenser boxes that allow wipes to stay useful and safe when you are not using them. Traditional, standard wipes are of no benefit when it comes to aggressive spill clean up. This is a problem because if you wait too long or spend too much time on cleanup, the spill will spread out of your control. Therefore, it is important to utilize quality and durable products such as Spilfyter absorbent wipes


Other Specifications

Contact us today at Thor Spill and Containment for details on Spilftyer absorbent wipes and to learn more about how they can assist you during the stressful cleanup process. Our website has more details and images or videos on these units. We look forward to hearing from you.