Drain Guard

Stormwater may seem harmless, but in fact, in can have devastating effects. Such waste contains numerous contaminants such as sand, oil, dirt, littler, and potentially waste from toxic chemicals you or your company may work with. The problem with such runoff waste is that it doesn’t only stay on the ground, but it makes its way into nearby drainage systems. These drain systems distribute water, and affect the water in our oceans and our own water supplies. Therefore, marine life and human life are put at risk. If such pollutants make their way into ocean water, marine animals can die from contaminated water. Also, when such pollutants make their way into our drinking water, we can develop multiple health conditions as we are essentially exposing ourselves to contaminated water. 

Filtering Systems 

One way to prevent such catastrophic outcomes is to filter the runoff that makes its way into nearby drains. If you or your company are working with hazardous waste, one of the best steps you can take for protecting humans and the environment is making sure spills don’t occur and if they do, they don’t spread into drain systems. One means of accomplishing this is by utilizing Drain Guards. We at Thor Spill and Containment distribute Ultra Drain Guards, manufactured by UltraTech International. UltraTech International has revolutionized the industry with hundreds of innovative spill containment and response solutions. Ultra Drain Guards are no exception. Designed to filter waste from stormwater runoff, these units work as a filtering system, getting rid of toxic elements in the runoff before it enters the drain. For example, contaminants such as oil, soil, fuel contaminants from cars, sand, litter, and more are filtered out effectively. If your facility or site works with such pollutants and a spill were to occur, the runoff might make its way near drains, but would be stopped by the drain guard before entering. Such Drain Guards are easily installed by raising the drain grate, and placing the unit on top of the opening. With over 80% efficiency when it comes to removing sediments, these environmentally friendly drain guards meet multiple regulations set in place such as the NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26. 

Thor Spill and Containment Distributes UltraTech Solutions 

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