Environmental Compliance

Meet Environmental Compliance

We get it, it is important that you stay in compliance with ever changing environmental rules and regulations by the Federal and State Government.  We are here to help.  Our lines are designed to meet the Code of Federal Regulations title 40.  Do not  risk compliance with low quality spill containment berms, pallets, decks and more. Its not just about the fines and penalties, its about the safety of your team and property. Thor Spill and Containment offers the very best in spill containment and environmental protection products so you can stay within Environmental Compliance Regulations.  Our UltraTech products have been designed to meet a variety of environmental regulations:

  • EPA’s Container Storage Regulations are in place to keep hazardous spills off of plant floors and out of the environment.
  • New Stormwater Management Regulations, a key component of the EPA’s Clean Water Act, have been enacted to keep sediment, oil and chemicals out of storm drains, groundwater and waterways.
  • The SPCC Regulations were specifically written to protect the environment from spills of oil and oil-related products

Our engineered products are designed to safely transport, handle and store radioactive wastes. These items include radwaste filters, lined boxes and drums, drum spacers, neutron shielding and macroencapsulation containers.