How to Clean Up an Oil Spill

How to Clean up Oil SpillHow to Clean Up an Oil Spill

When it comes to oil spills, even the tiniest leak can lead to catastrophic consequences. Working with such hazardous chemicals can prove dangerous when high quality containment products are not used. Spills can happen on plant floors or can travel to groundwater or storm drains, which can harm both individuals and the environment. When such oil spills do occur, dealing with cleaning up the leak can be stressful and seem impossible. Cleaning up and containing the leak right away is vital, in order to prevent health problems, environmental consequences, and damages requiring large amounts of money. Thor Spill and Containment, the West Coast’s distributor for UltraTech International, recognizes the importance of being careful when working with such hazardous chemicals, and works hard to provide spill containment products perfect for cleaning up such oil spills. A range of oil spill response products, all in compliance with environmental regulations, are available through Thor Spill and Containment. Popular selections leading the market include oil filter booms, spill containment berms, hard top spill pallets, spill containment pallets, spill decks, and IBC spill pallets.

Oil Filter Booms

Oil filter boom for ocean lake and river Safely and quickly capture floating oil on bodies of water with the very best in oil filter booms for ocean, lake and river oil spills.  Made with a unique technology, the UltraTech Oil Filter booms absorb more oil at a faster rate, giving you quicker response time.  Contain oil spills and keep it confined in a smaller space by using our highly trusted UltraTech Oil Filter Boom.

Spill Containment Berms

Thor Spill and Containment works hard to answer the question, how do we clean up an oil spill? Serving as an efficient oil spill response or containment product, spill containment berms are a great choice. Our UltraTech spill containment berms are custom sized and feature a flat containment unit that customers can easily lay out to serve as a protective barrier as the support blocks lining the sides of the unit can raise up with the level of any leaked liquid. The berms can even serve as a product that can be used to capture any liquids, allowing customers to then dispose of the oil.Thor Spill and Containment spill containment berms can help deal with oil spills without the hassles of setting up side barriers yourself.

Hard Top Spill Pallets

Another option for cleaning up an oil spill is Thor Spill and Containment’s hard top spill pallets, also manufactured by UltraTech International. Hard top spill pallets work to clean up oil spills by providing a safe place to store up to 2 55-gallon drums containing the spilled chemical. Utilizing a roll-top door above and swing out doors below, the pallet allows you to store your drum easily inside. Once the doors are closed, the drums are prevented from unauthorized access and further leaks are prevented.

Spill Containment Pallets

SpOil Spill Containmentill Decks for Oil SpillsThor Spill Containment’s pallets also help clean up oil spills. Such pallets feature a design intended to support heavy loads of chemicals including oil, for example. The pallet incorporates a low-rise wall that makes pouring easy and is effective for up to 4 55-gallon drums. Ultratech spill containment pallets are designed to support heavy loads of chemicals. Easily transported, the pallet can be used to store any spilled oil without risking any further leaks from seeping out. Luckily the design allows for the pallets to maintain heavy loads, therefore if the oil spill is larger, you can add more liquid to the drums without risking the sides of the pallet to sag outward and spill the chemical. In addition, the pallets can withstand heavy loads for extended periods of time without the risk of chemicals seeping out.

Thor Spill and Containment’s spill decks also offer the option of responding to oil spills. Any oil spills from drums, equipment, or machinery can be contained by the spill decks. Allowing for containment, the spill decks have the option of 1, 2, or 4-drum modules, which can be connected together. With features including waste collection, storage of spilled oil, battery storage, and more, spill decks are becoming more and more of a popular oil response solution.

IBC Spill Pallets for Oil Spills

IBC Spill PalletIBC spill pallets also serve as an efficient oil clean-up response solution. With the weight capacity of 16,000 pounds, IBC spill pallets manufactured by UltraTech provide users with the chance to double stack IBC containers and stop any further leaks in tight places. Customers can double stack the pallets and save floor space, while continuing to contain such liquids.