Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil Absorbent Pads

Thor Spill and Containment is a proud distributor of FloodSax absorbent pads, helping various organizations and individuals effectively absorb oil spills before they travel. When it comes to oil spills, even the smallest leak can pose a serious threat. Quickly traveling oil spill

s can make their way to nearby water systems, therefore polluting our water supply or life in the oceans. Sensitive areas in our environment such as riverbeds, shorelines, and more should always be a priority to protect. Such water systems include the water we drink, swim in, and even the water precious wildlife inhabits. FloodSax Sandless Sandbags offer the perfect containment solution by serving as oil absorbent pads. The innovative sandbag alternatives are often utilized as a method of flood protection or to absorb indoor leaks, but can also effectively absorb oil spills before they travel or increase in size.

Oil absorbent pad

Oil Absorbent Pads  

FloodSax has transformed the way customers can easily absorb liquids and dangerous pollutants in a hassle free manner. The instant sandless sandbags are easy to install, simply activated by water. Once activated, the dry weight of 1 pound can inflate up to 50 pounds. Other products on the market involve time consuming steps that involve labor and the purchase of other materials such as shovels and vehicles for transport. Instead, FloodSax lightweight oil absorbent pads require just the one product and are simple to use for everyone including the elderly and disabled. The 10 year shelf life guaranteed also saves customers from repurchasing sandbags each year. FloodSax has not only created pads suitable for floodwater absorption and indoor leaks, but also absorbent pads strong enough to absorb oil spills. The oil absorbent pads involve an incredible design process that utilizes absorbent polymer crystals and other interwoven materials. Oil and other liquids are captured and absorbed quickly, stopping the pollutants in their tracks.

Dangers of Oil Spills

Oil spills travel quickly and Thor Spill and Containment emphasizes understanding the risks involved. When oil absorbent pads are not used, such spills can travel to the ocean, affecting not only the water we swim in, but also the animals that live in such habitats. Runoff from oil spills occurring on line are regarded as one of the most common causes of oil spills. Even spills occurring on land can be just as dangerous, as such toxic waste can travel to streams, lakes, ground water, and other water systems. Once oil spills travel and grow in size, it can take months to years to clean the spill. Oil absorbent pads help stop the spill in its track before it has the chance to cause damage. Thor Spill and Containment’s oil absorbent pads promote protecting the environment as well as abiding by environmental regulations.