Oil Blankets

One of the questions our customers ask us frequently, is why should we purchase oil containment solution products? The answer is easy to see once you search news related to recent oil spills. The impact of such environmental catastrophes has damaged water systems extensively, creating a clean up problem that requires a high amount of time and money to solve. Oil pollutants are chemicals that are not meant to make their ways into the environment, whether that be the floor of your factory, nearby drainage systems, or the ocean. When such spills happen, our healths are put at risk, as our water supply becomes contaminated and undrinkable. As humans, we rely on water to survive, and need clean water in order to maintain healthy lives. Oil spill containment solutions are a major aspect of Thor Spill and Containment products. We carry various options, manufactured by companies leading the industry such as UltraTech International, including the popular Oil blankets.

Oil Containment Solutions

Oil blankets are among the top innovations for dealing with oil spill outcomes. These products distributed by us at Thor Spill and Containment and manufactured by UltraTech International, are essentially sorbents that allow for filtering. Made with synthetic fibers, the advanced solutions are lightweight products that can cover enormous amounts of area. Acting as a sorbent and filtering process, the oil blankets allow huge quantities of water to pass through, while hydrocarbons such as oils and fuels are filtered out. These oil containment products are a great, efficient investment for you or for your business if you are in regular contact with oil chemicals, and are faced with the potential of oil spills. Whether oil is spilled directly into the ocean, or stormwater runoff containing such contaminants spill into drains, a filtering system is absolutely necessary. UltraTech Oil blankets allow for such applications, and are made to last incredibly long, serving as a quality oil containment and response option for customers worldwide. 

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Contact Thor Spill and Containment today to purchase your very own oil blankets. One of our certified team members will talk you through specifications and ensure you are purchasing the right product for your needs. Here on our website at http://thorspillproducts.com/ there are resources available for learning more such as information on oil spills, as well as images and videos regarding specific products such as oil blankets. Together, we can protect the environment from the dangers of oil spills.