Oil Eating Microbes



When it comes to oil spills, we have seen time and again, how they can have far reaching, devastating effects that cost large amounts of time and money to clean up. Today, spills that have occurred years ago still have remaining effects, polluting water for people and marine life. Nature does have a way of cleaning such toxic chemicals from itself, through the natural process that utilizes microbes, oil degrading solutions that help the cleaning process. However, in modern times, humans are damaging the environment severely, putting uncontrollable levels of hydrocarbon into the environment. Nature can’t work fast enough to remove such contaminants before their harmful effects cause damage. UltraTech International has found a solution to aiding this process of natural degradation of oil pollutants. Ultra-Microbes are oil eating microbes that add speed to this process, allowing clean up to occur in weeks or even days, instead of within months or years. Thor Spill Containment is proud to distribute such revolutionary solutions. 


Ultra-Microbes Product Solutions

Ultra-Microbes are an efficient way for you or your company to help clean up oil spills the may occur if you are working with such pollutants. These oil eating microbes are composed of 3 types of microbes, and are ideal for natural, fast degradation. Fortunately, they are not genetically created, making them environmentally friendly products that are accepted by and meet EPA regulations. UltraTech International oil eating microbes work by digesting hydrocarbons and breaking down the pollutants in a way that turns into into separate byproducts of carbon dioxide, carbon, and lipids. When you purchase such microbes through Thor Spill and Containment, they will be shipped to you, and placed in clay containers, that keep them inactive. Once you receive your package, store the units in environments that are at temperatures between 40 and 120 degrees fahrenheit. 

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For further details on purchasing Ultra-Microbes or on why such products are the right choice when it comes to oil spill containment, contact Thor Spill and Containment today. Additionally, you can view customer testimonials, images, and videos, found all throughout our website here at http://thorspillproducts.com/ Don’t let oil pollutants damage our environment. Together we can utilize nature’s process for clean up, and speed up the efficiency of removing such pollutants from the environment. We look forward to working with you.