Oil Spill Containment

When an oil spill occurs, it is not just the immediate area that is affected. If you or your company are working with such toxic chemicals, it is not only your facility and equipment you must worry about. Oil is among the chemicals that spread rapidly, causing damage to everything in its path. When oil pollutants make their way onto the factory floor, they quickly move onto nearby streets, into drainage systems, and often into oceans, affecting marine life and our water supply in the process. Such sensitive parts of our environment are vital to our continued survival as humans, therefore it is extremely important to clean up oil spills as quickly as possible. 

UltraTech Oil Spill Products 

Thor Spill and Containment has recognized the need for such containment solutions, and has chosen to partner with numerous companies such as UtlraTech International, in order to provide oil spill containment options for customers worldwide. Among such products are microbes, oil filter booms, oil blankets, oil stain removers, and more. Oil eating microbes manufactured by UltraTech International utilize earth’s naturally occurring microbes, as a means to speed up the process of oil clean up. Nature naturally creates microbes as a means of bio-degradation. However, humans have added more and more amounts of hydrocarbon pollutants into the environment, making it increasingly difficult to control the clean up process. Therefore, utilizing such Ultra-Microbes can help the process continue faster, as these units will break down hydrocarbons, making them harmless. Another oil containment solution is the UltraTech oil filter booms. Such filter booms capture oil as well as filter and remove toxic parts of the pollutant. Oil blankets, another product, can be placed along the surf in beaches everywhere, absorbing any potential oil spills before they spread onto land. As water containing oil pollutants passes through the fabric of the blanket, such contaminants are filtered and taken out of the water. Another UltraTech unit is the popular oil stain removers which are an accessory that get rid of any stains that result from oil. For example, oil stains on concrete that were made as a result of an oil spill, can be removed. 

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