Railroad Spill Containment

When it comes to working with railroad tanker cars and maintenance facilities, spill containment is an important aspect to consider. Leaks that occur at rail sidings or at such facilities, can have devastating effects, that not only cost lots of money and time, but also put the environment at risk. Additionally, your business can face the consequences of not following environmental regulations. When it comes to considering, railroad spill containment options, there are so many options on the market, however not all are suitable for capturing significant spills, and such products tend to corrode over time, performing inefficiently. Thor Spill and Containment has partnered with UltraTech International to help our customers avoid such hassles, and to instead, make an investment for the future of their company. The perfect investment, when it comes to railroad spill containment, is UltraTech Ultra Track Pans. 

UltraTech Ultra Track Pans 

Ultra Track Pans are an efficient form of railroad spill containment as any leaks and spills, no matter how large, occurring at locomotive maintenance locations or rail sidings, can be contained instantly. These track pans will capture spills occurring from overflow or leaking from equipment. The easy to install railroad spill containment units have low maintenance requirements, as opposed to typical track and composed of carbon steel. The manufacturing of the product involves polyethylene gaskets that prevent spills from making their way off of the rails and pans. This material also allows for the units to effectively last long, without rusting. Customers also love the lightweight benefits of the product, as it allows for easy lifting an little labor to install. The modular design of Ultra Track Pans allows customers to customize the length to meet their needs. The 53.5 inch long side pans allow for optimized customization as well. Other features include stormwater benefits that were implemented as a means to get rid of any overflowing rain that makes its way on top of he pan covers. Also, vehicles can easily drive over track pans that have grates in place, as long as users “ramp up” when it comes to side pans with concrete or asphalt. Composed of strong, non-porous fiberglass, UltraTech Track Pans are the best choice when it comes to railroad spill containment.

Product Specifications

For more details on UltraTech railroad spill containment products, or to purchase your very own Ultra Track Pans, contact Thor Spill and Containment today. We guarantee the lowest market price for such quality spill response and containment solutions. Visit http://thorspillcontainment.com/ today for more!