Regulation Checklist

Critical Regulations Checklist

EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175
Stormwater Management Regulations 40 CFR 122.26
Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasures Rule 40 CFR 112
ADA Accessability Guidelines for Buildings & Facilities (ADAAG)


Outside Areas

Product Recommendations


 ☐ Are drums and totes properly stored outside per federal spill containment and stormwater regulations? Hard Tops Spill Pallets EPA, NPDES, SPCC
 ☐ Are outside drains protected from trash, debris and hydrocarbons per the federal stormwater guidelines? Drain Guards NPDES/TMDL
 ☐ Are drain covers (Drain Seals) and Spill Berms available where hazardous fluids are stored for quick deployment to cover drains from spills to prevent costly fines? Drain Seals and Spill Berms NPDES, SPCC
 ☐ Are you transferring fluids via rail car in your plant or facility? Track Pans SPCC, EPA Stormwater Regs
 ☐ Do you have tanker trucks or other equipment and tanks that need containment for compliance? Containment Berms SPCC, EPA
 ☐ Are smoking receptacles provided at entrances and break areas? Smoke Stops OSHA Fact Sheet No. 93-41 Fire Prevention, NDPES
 ☐ Are bollards and posts protected from the elements? (Reduce maintenance costs from painting while maintaining high-visibility Post Protectors Good Practice


Maintenance Areas

Product Recommendations


 ☐ Are utility cords covered and protected to prevent trip hazards as well as protecting the cords from contraction causing wire issues and potential fires? Sidewinders OSHA
 ☐ Are there practices in place to capture ceiling drips and leaks from ruining expensive equipment and for preventing wet/slip conditions in the workplace? Drip Diverters Good Practice
 ☐ Are smaller containers in and around facilities properly stored with containment for leaks and spills? Utility Trays Good Practice


Inside Areas

Product Recommendations


 ☐ Are you properly storing drums of hazardous liquids that require secondary containment on Spill Pallets? Spill Pallets EPA, SPCC
 ☐ Do you have requirements or initiatives to use products that are “green” or made with recycled content? Economy 2/4 Drum Spill Pallets EPA, SPCC
 ☐ Are you trying to store 55 Gallon drums on small spill decks without the proper containment capacity for compliance? Here are the only stand alone Spill Decks on the market.

Spill Decks

Spill Deck Bladder Systems

 ☐ Are you storing multiple drums in one area of your plant? The only way to make the decks compliant is to connect the decks with bulkhead fittings to route the fluids amongst the connected decks, not just by attaching. Modular Spill Decks EPA, SPCC
 ☐ Are you storing IBC totes in your plant without proper spill containment? Totes are typically 275 Gallons or 330 Gallons.  IBC Spill Pallet Plus offers 360 gallons of containment to meet SPCC Regulations.

IBC Spill Pallet Plus

 ☐ If you are storing multiple IBC Totes in your facility that require spill containment for hazardous fluids? Modular IBC Spill Pallets EPA, SPCC
☐ Are you providing multiple overpacks/salvage drums on-site for leaking drums and/or for cleaning up soiled sorbents in the event of a spill clean up? Overpack Plus EPA, SPCC
☐ Are you storing used batteries and concerned about leaking battery acids? Containment Trays EPA Container Storage Regs
☐ Are you storing drums up on racking in your warehouse or facility? Rack Sump SPCC
☐ Adding funnels and accessories to all drums on Spill Pallets decreases the likelihood of spilling fluids on the facility floor or working area. Burp Free and Bung Access Funnels Good Practice
☐ You can encapsulate spills on facility floors with Spill Berms to reduce the area in which spill clean up occurs.  Also the ability to block of facility drains from spills. Spill Berms and Drain Seals Good Practice
☐ Do you have fleet trucks or field truck maintenance teams?

Pop Up Pools - Spring Steel

Pop Up Pools - Economy

Good Practice


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