Sediment Filter

Sediment FilterHazardous waste in the form of chemicals and even sediment can pose extreme threats to the environment. Thor Spill and Containment provides spill containment and response kits for oil and chemical leaks, and additionally offers sediment filter products. Such filters comply with local and federal stormwater rules as well as other environmental regulations. Sediment filters are designed with the purpose of protecting water systems from chemicals, pollutants, sediment, and more. Thor Spill and Containment is the master distributor for UltraTech International products on the West Coast. Customers seeking sediment filters have chosen Thor Spill and Containment’s dewatering bags and drain guards.

Dewatering Bags

Thor Spill and Containment offers dewatering bags for customers preventing potential pollution or sediment runoff. Sites including waste water treatment plants or construction sites often face such issues. Dewatering bags are a simple solution, that save stress and money. Spills come hand in hand with various dewatering operations. With oil and sediments being pumped out, individuals, organizations, and the environment are at risk. Dewatering bags are effective sediment filters that are attached at the end of pumps and work for up to 4” discharge hoses. Reusable once emptied, the advanced dewatering bags incorporate a 3-5’ opening that provides simple removal in addition to access to the sediment trapped inside. Also included in the design are locking rods that allow customers to attach them in order to secure the bag. Dewatering bags are attached at the end of pumps and when water is pumped out of ditches, the drainage for any site recently witnessing rain, for example, can benefit from the dewatering bags. In such cases, the dewatering bags essentially serve as a drainage system. As opposed to pumping the water down the street and pouring it into nearby drains, therefore emitting harmful sediments and chemicals into sensitive water systems, individuals can now utilize the innovative sediment filters and skip such risky steps.

Drain Guards

Drain GuardsAn alternative containment product also praised by customers, drain guards, also serves as a sediment filter. The unique design involved includes a catch basin made with “quilted” sections where stormwater can flow through. However, any water most first pass through the non-permeable PVC skirt seen the top of the unit. The skirt allows the water to move along into the lower section where a heavy metal removal media will filter out any contaminants before allowing it to pass into the storm drain. With such advanced technology, drain guards can act as a sediment filter that protects our water systems from toxic waste. Contaminants such as sand, oil, litter, cigarette butts, dirt, grease, hydrocarbons, leaves, and other potential waste can be filtered out before they enter the catch basin and consequently our water system and environment. The drain guard involves a quick installation and effective design that makes it suitable for construction sites, parking lots where stormwater runoff travels, industrial facilities, and more.