Spill Berm

Spill Berms

We at Thor Spill and Containment recognize the absolute significance of preventing and responding efficiently to chemical spills. With the environment already vulnerable to many threats, it is important we do not take any risks or put the environment in further danger. If our society continues to disregard the safety of the environment, the air, water, and other elements we need to live will be further polluted, and will no longer be able to support human life. One step we can take towards preventing further pollution, is not allowing chemicals to make their way into the environment. For individuals and companies working with such hazardous waste, there is, without a doubt, a possibility that chemicals can spill and spread quickly, making containment almost impossible.

UltraTech International Spill Berm Solutions

In order to take precautionary steps towards stopping spills before they spread uncontrollably, or preventing the spill from happening in the first place, one must utilize spill containment/response solutions. With this goal in mind, we at Thor Spill and Containment have partnered with industry leading providers of such quality products, such as UltraTech International. Purchasing such solutions is a beneficial step you can take towards protection. One such solution is the spill berms manufactured by UltraTech. UltraTech Spill Containment Berms can help seal off spills, for example by placement near drains. These units can also be useful for secondary containment. Customers can have custom spill berms to help meet any of their needs. Made of urethane material, the design process involved was constructed in such a way to make non-absorbing, easy to use products. Customers appreciate the various uses such as responded to spills, sealing off doorways or drains with the units, and more. Also available are the foam wall models, which allow you to capture leaks within the walls of the berm. For example, if  a spill occurs under a truck carrying toxic waste, you can be prepared by placing the spill berms under the truck. Additionally, the Ultra Spill Berms meet various SPCC and EPA regulations, so you and your company don’t have to worry about keeping your business in check with the latest environmental rules.

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