Spill Containment Berms

Spill Containment Berms

Recognized for its impressive line of spill containment and response products, Thor Spill and Containment distributes products to a wide range of organizations. As the West Coast’s distributor for UltraTech International, Thor Spill and Containment emphasizes preventing the dangers that go hand in hand with oil and other chemicals. When it comes to working with such hazardous chemicals and liquids, not using high quality containment products can lead to potentially disastrous spills and leaks. Whether it’s leaks onto plant floors that harm the environment, or spills that travel to groundwater or storm drains, the environment and individuals are both at harm when it comes to working with such chemicals. Protecting the environment and your organization from toxic waste are the number one goals for Thor Spill and Containment. A range of oil spill containment and response products, all in compliance with environmental regulations, are available for purchase online including spill pallets, storm water drain guards, gravel bags, absorbents, and more. One particularly popular selection among customers, spill containment berms, has led the market.

UltraTech’s Spill Response and Containment

Thor Spill and Containment is proud to distribute UltraTech International products for their West Coast customers. UltraTech has led the industry for over 30 years, helping protect numerous organizations and individuals from toxic waste damage. Selecting UltraTech International as their manufacturer was the right choice for Thor Spill and Containment, as both companies emphasize protecting their customers and the environment and ensuring high quality spill containment and response products.

Thor Spill and Containment Offers Industry Leading Spill Containment Berms

UltraTech SPill Containment berms

Thor Spill and Containment’s effective spill containment berms feature a unique design and are custom sized for any situation. Spill containment berms include a flat containment unit that is simple to lay out, and portable for use at any time. Once laid out, the usually foam support blocks that line the sides of the flat unit can raise up with the level of any leaked liquid, or remain flat otherwise. Easy to modify, the product is manufactured from geomembrane or PVC fabric that allows a protective barrier to prevent leaks from making their way to the ground or nearby waterways. Any captured liquid can then be safely disposed of. The easy design featured on Thor Spill and Containment spill containment berms takes the time out of setting up side barriers yourself. The reusable berms are typically used as spill containment for vehicles, tanker trucks, machinery, or other containers. Customers have benefited from utilizing the products for temporary secondary containment, closing off doorways, responding to spills, capturing leaks under the vehicle, protecting the land during maintenance or repairs of equipment, or even as a storage pad for liquid containers and more.