Spill Containment Solutions

Importance of Spill Containment Solutions

Spill Containment Solutions by ULtraTechWhen it comes to industries working with oil and chemicals, having a reliable spill containment solution is a top priority. Any potential spills no matter how extreme can lead to major damage and likely violation of many regulations. With climate change and other environmental threats looming, organizations and individuals need to be more careful than ever when it comes to such risks. Thor Spill and Containment Solutions emphasizes providing high quality products for industries working with such hazardous chemicals as well as protecting the environment in the process. Distributing UltraTech International products, Thor Spill and Containment provides a variety of spill containment solution products, from containment berms, spill pallets, and spill trays, to overpacks. No matter what type of chemical or liquid you are working with or size of container you have or need, Thor Spill and Containment sells containment products suited for your needs. The selection offered through Thor Spill and Containment specializes in spill containment as well as spill response.

Top Selling Spill Containment Solutions by UltraTech:

Oil Spill

55 Gallon Drums / Overpacks

Spill Containment Berms

Spill Containment Pallets

Hard Top Spill Pallets

IBC Spill Pallets

Spill Containment Decks

As the West Coast Master Distributor of All UltraTech Spill Containment products, we cover the largest range of spill containment solutions to keep your operations running EPA and Federal compliant.  



Thor Spill and Containment Solution & Advantage

Unique features that separate Thor Spill and Containment’s product offering (the UltraTech spill containment solution product line) from others include the product engineering, manufacturing process, industry leading warranty, eco-friendly materials, and high quality designs involved. Available for purchase online, Thor Spill and Containment’s UltraTech spill products are accredited with over 50 patents and emphasize affordable prices for customers. The company’s manufacturer, UltraTech International, provides highly rated products. Thor Spill and Containment distributes the units for West Coast customers, cutting shipping costs significantly. The manufacturing facility, located right here in the United States, offers custom made spill containment solution products available at custom sizes upon request. With advanced assembly operations and molding machines, high quality purchases are a guarantee. Thor Spill and Containment also works with eco-friendly materials during their design process and stays up to date with the changing environmental regulations, saving you or your company the stress and time. Additionally, all purchases come with an industry leading 5-year warranty that includes the option of repair and replacement for customers.  

Spill Containment Solution - Choices

Whether you are looking to store drums containing hazardous chemicals, lay portable mats under trucks or other units with the potential to leak, or searching for other means to transport or secure chemicals, containment berms, spill pallets, spill trays, and overpacks are effective options to consider.