Spill Kits

Sometimes multiple products or only certain types of products are required when it comes to spill containment and response. Spill kits are ideal because they allow for quick, on the go cleanup, and include a variety of product options. Whether you need spill kits filled with multiple absorbents or spill kits for mercury spill cleanup, and more, there is a spill kit out there for you, manufactured by Spilfyter. Thor Spill and Containment distributes Spilfyter spill kits at affordable, competitive pricing. It is extremely important to be prepared with such spill solutions. Spills and leaks can have devastating consequences that range from polluting nearby drains and thus water systems, destroying work equipment, putting the health of workers at risk, making its way into the environment, and thus contaminating our air, water, and more. With our environment already at a fragile stage, we can not afford to put it further in harm’s way. When it comes to such chemical spills, huge amounts of money and time are also wasted on cleanup. We at Thor Spill and Containment make it a priority to distribute affordable, easy to use products that all customers can utilize, which keep the environment and people in mind. Spilfyter Spill Kits are a perfect example of high quality, low price tools for protecting your company and the environment against hazardous waste leaks. 


Spilfyter Spill Kits 

Spilfyter spill kits are available in a variety of customizable options. For example, the neutralizer spill kits are ideal for absorbing oil, fuel oil, diesel, hydrocarbon, gasoline, and lubricating oil spills. Such fluids can be instantly absorbed, and the packaging of the spill kits allows for simple portability, allowing you to respond to a spill, anytime and anywhere. Packages are composed of polyethylene buckets or bags that keep the equipment intact, and safe. For effective clean up tools, and fast response and containment, Spilfyter spill kits are a great choice, ensuring high performance no matter what stage of the cleanup process you are in. 

Thor Spill and Containment 

Contact Thor Spill and Containment today for further specifications and pricing on our various Spilfyter Spill Kit product options. Speak to one of our technicians about why spill kits might be the right spill response and containment product for you. Also, continue browsing through our website here at http://www.thorspillproducts.com/ to view images, videos, and customer testimonials, to help you make the best choice for your company and individual needs.