Spill Pallet

UltraTech Spill Pallet

Why Contain Spills?

When it comes to spill containment, one of the first questions our customers ask, is why is it necessary? The answer is simple. With so many already existing threats to the environment and to our own health, we can not afford any more. Spills are a potentially disastrous threat to both the environment and to our health, as they move rapidly, spreading toxic chemicals along the way. When a spill is not instantly contained, the area affected grows larger and larger in the instant. As a result, not only is more time and money wasted, but such toxic chemicals will make their way from factory floors into the environment, such as into nearby drains and thus the ocean. Such spills also threaten the workers and other individuals, as exposure to these chemicals can lead to dangerous health conditions. For all these reasons and more, the Environmental Protection Agency has enforced multiple requirement for containing toxic chemicals and oils. The importance of spill containment is what motivated our company, Thor Spill and Containment, to partner with top of the line innovators, who transform the spill response industry regularly with new solutions ideal containing such spills effectively. 

UltraTech Solutions 

If you or the company you work for work regularly with toxic chemicals, the best choice you can make is purchasing spill containment and response products. Thor Spill and Containment has partnered with UltraTech International to help protect you, your company, and the environment from toxic waste. All such products meet EPA regulations as well, taking the stress out of working with chemicals for you. One of the UltraTech units we recommend for such uses are the popular spill pallets, available as Hard Top Spill Pallets or IBC Spill Pallets. Spill Pallets essentially act as containment decks, allowing users to load heavy weight drums storing chemicals onto the units, without fear of spills making their way onto factory floors. These 100% polyethylene units are sturdy, with large weight capacities. The low profile features of the spill pallets allow for placing drums easily. Such drums also meet both SPCC and EPA storage regulations. 

Thor Spill and Containment quality solutions such as both UltraTech Hard Top Spill Pallets and IBC Spill Pallets are a great means to respond and contain potential spills. For more information on both models please continue exploring our website at https://www.thorspillproducts.com. We look forward to protecting the health and safety of the environment with you!