Spill Trays

Working in the laboratory with countless chemicals can be dangerous no matter how careful you are. That is why investing in spill containment and secondary containment products is a necessary precaution. Having such equipment on site, ready to go in the case of a spill is a smart way to have instant protection. Additionally, implementing such safeguards into your working process can help you stop leaks and spills in their tracks, before they spill onto the lab floor, and thus into the environment. Such spills are extremely harmful when they come into contact with humans, and can spread into the air and water supply, contaminating the environment. When it comes to spill protection in lab environments, spill trays are ideal. 


UltraTech International Spill Trays

UltraTech International Spill Trays are currently available at great prices through Thor Spill and Containment. These containment trays allow you to store any beakers, bottles, and other containers containing toxic liquids, without fear of such liquids spilling onto the floor. If any spills do occur, they remain in the tray, and there are built in spouts for pouring that allow for simple removal of spills. The built in grating is removable, which also makes the clean up process quick. Therefore, industrial, medical, research, or laboratory facilities will benefit immensely from such secondary containment. The polyethylene design of the tray allows for compatibility with all chemicals. For counter top leak containment, utilize Ultra Spill Trays for liquid containers holding up to 2.9 gallons of chemical substance. Additionally, environmental regulations are in place monitoring such spills. It is vital that you and your company make sure you are meeting all such rules. All UltraTech products come with the guarantee of meeting environmental regulations set by EPA SPCC, and more. Therefore, you can work without worry, and if a spill were to occur, you would be ready, and responding within seconds. 

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For purchasing UltraTech Ultra Spill Trays, contact us at Thor Spill and Containment, to hear specifications on the secondary containment solutions. One of our certified technicians can go over other benefits of utilizing spill trays in your facility, and help make sure it is the right product for you. You can also find images, videos, and testimonials here throughout our website at http://thorspillproducts.com/ We look forward to hearing from you!