UltraTech Overpacks

Ultratech Overpacks

Thor Spill and Containment’s Offer Overpack Selection

Thor Spill and Containment’s advanced range of products includes Overpack, portable storage units preferred by many individuals and companies. The mobile spill kits incorporate a poly drum that allows for resistance against acids, corrosives, and other chemicals. Whether the chemicals are collected, transported, or cleaned up, UltraTech Overpack products simplify such processes. Many organizations can benefit from such products in emergency response situations where portable kits are necessary. Thor Spill and Containment’s manufacturer, UltraTech International, has transformed the spill containment and response industry with over 300 unique products. Thor Spill and Containment is proud to distribute such products to their West Coast customer base. Protecting the environment while providing high quality products are both emphasized by Thor Spill and Containment, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Industry Leading Overpacks for Spill Containment Product

Overpacks by UltraTechWhen it comes to processes or organizations that involve chemicals, particularly hazardous chemicals, the storage, transportation, and containment of such liquids is a major factor to consider. Overpack products, mobile spill kits that allow customers to contain such chemicals, are the number one choice for many customers. Thor Spill and Containment’s Overpack selection leads the industry with its superior design and quality. In contrast to alternative Overpack products on the market, Thor Spill and Containment’s Overpack products are constructed utilizing polyethylene, a high density material that allows for safe, guaranteed resistance against acids and other chemicals. Additionally, the Overpack does not require any other tools to install or use. The design also involves an easy to close lid, as well as a low weight allowing for easy transportation and storage. The product is certified for LAND, SEA, AIR regulations as well. The eco-friendly Overpack selection also comes with the option of wheels, further simplifying the speed at which Overpack units arrive at spill sites.  

Overpack Applications

Thor Spill and Containment’s innovative Overpack products provide various applications for customers. The poly drum Overpack units serve as mobile spill kits that can be used as chemical resistance against caustics, corrosives, acids, and more. Direct containment of such chemicals often requires immediate services and Thor Spill and Containment’s Overpack offers such easy, fast containment, followed by transportation. Such products are ideal for clean up at sites that have been contaminated by oils and other chemicals, emergency response at spill sites and more, storage, or even the transportation and collection of such hazardous liquids.