UltraTech Spill Containment Products

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UltraTech Spill Containment Products

When it comes to spill containment products, you can’t go wrong with UltraTech International. Thor Spill and Containment is a high volume distributor of UltraTech's line of spill containment products.  Offering the best prices and customer service in the market, many depend on Thor Spill containment on being EPA and Federal regulation compliant. Our spill prevention and response products manufactured by UltraTech are suitable for many needs and various situations. Since 1993, UltraTech International has stayed dedicated to reinventing what is possible when it comes to spill containment. Throughout the years, UltraTech International has seen it all; so many different types of emergencies, and has used that experience to create suitable products that work in any situation. Advanced technologies, a commitment to the environment, and innovation have also made such products possible. We at Thor Spill and Containment are excited to offer the company’s revolutionary line of efficient products.

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Line of Effective Products

UltraTech Spill Containment products have impressed customers and companies globally. Such products include spill containment, omniphobic coatings, spill decontamination, microbes, cigarette receptacles, salvage drums, drum funnels and accessories, facility protection, construction compliance, stormwater management, overpack, and oil spill products. Customer favorite products include spill containment pallets, IBC spill pallets, containment walls, spill decks, basin guards, drain guards, dewatering bags, spill berms, decontamination decks, and so many more! When it comes to spill emergencies, so much can go wrong. If spills are not contained right away, your health and the health of the environment are at risk. Also, such spills require so much money and time to clean and contain. UltraTech spill containment products allows you to avoid all such consequences, and contain leaks both instantly and effectively.

Dedication to the Environment

Another reason UltraTech International stands out when it comes to competitors, is their dedication to the environment. When manufacturing their line, the company dedicated itself to offering eco-friendly products that would help create a cleaner and safer world. All their products meet all EPA and environmental regulations, so you can use them worry free.  

Contact UltraTech International Today!

If you are interested in learning more about UltraTech Spill Containment products, visit the company online to read more about their history and products. For access to UltraTech’s incredible line of products, call 1-888-533-2994, UltraTech’s leading distributor. We provide their products at an affordable price that allows everyone to access spill containment products. We look forward to hearing from you!