2421 2-Drum Ultra-Safety Cabinet Bladder System, 3000 lbs Load Capacity, 5 Year Warranty

$ 511.20
  1. Out of sight, should not be out of mind...
  • Fire-rated drum safety cabinets were designed many years ago. Their primary goal was to protect the contents from direct flame and heat - spill control was not a consideration.
  • Ultra-Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems allow convenient and economical retrofitting of all drum safety cabinets on the market. You can easily comply with fire and spill containment regulations!
  • Simply raise existing drum cabinets 8" from the floor, slide the Safety Cabinet Bladder System in place, and lower the cabinet on top of the structural stee frame. Heavy duty, inner stee framework will keep the cabinet stable, even in a fire.
  • Ultra-Safety Cabinet Bladder Systems are designed to retrofit all vertical drum storage cabinets on the market. (See suppor frame dimensions below for more information)
  • V1 Model (for 1-drum cabinets) and V2 Model (for 2-drum cabinets) are the only low-profile spill containment devices specifically for safety cabinets.
  • Bring your vertical drum storage cabinets into compliance with EPA 40 CFR 264.175 for spill containment of flammable and combustible liquids. Significant leaks or spills unfurl the hidden containment bladder to provide complete spill containment. Small spills are captured inside the polyethylene sump.
  • Low profile design firmly positions drum cabinets only 6 1/4" off the plant floor, thereby allowing wastes to be poured into drum-top funnels at a convenient height. The potential for splashes into the eyes or face is significantly reduces as compared to taller containment devices.
  • Drum corrosion leaks can occur anytime, day or night. Significant leaks flow over the cabinet door sill and into the polyethylene containment bladder will automatically unfurl as the sump fills up.