520260 4 piece specialty spill economy mercury spill kit

by NPS Inc
$ 32.00

Product Description

Kit includes (500g) amalgamation powder, (2) mercury sponges, (1) containment jar. Mercsorb mercury spill kit (small). The EPA is working to reduce the amount of mercury in the environment. Use Mercsorb products as part of your best management practices when dealing with mercury spills. How to use economy mercury spill kit: 1. Evacuate employees from the spill area. 2. Personal protective equipment for exposure to mercury should be worn. 3. Ventilate the contaminated area. 4. Do not use any Mercsorb products dry when picking-up a mercury spill. 5. Remove lid with attached Mercsorb sponge from the jar. 6. Activate the powder with 1 ml water evenly across the surface of the sponge. Warning: If too much water is applied, the ability to pick-up the mercury may be reduced. 7. Allow the sponge to absorb the water undisturbed for two (2) minutes. 8. Slowly move the sponge across the contaminated surface in one direction only. Small droplets of mercury will be absorbed into the sponge. Warning: The amalgamate is still considered to be toxic and should be handled accordingly. 9. Repeat steps 6-8 (using additional sponges) until all mercury is cleaned up. 10. Once the mercury is amalgamated to the sponge, screw the sponge back onto the jar and place, along with other items used, into an approved temporary disposal container. 11. Follow instructions for Mercsorb Amalgamation Powder to complete the process. 12. All used products are contaminated and are considered toxic waste and must be disposed of in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Note: Mercury has a density of 13.55 g/ml at 68 degree F. Caution: Only trained personnel should respond to mercury spills. Mercsorb kits do not contain any chemicals designed to alter the mercurys toxicity or danger. Exercise extreme caution when handling, storing or disposing of the used kit components as mercury is absorbed directly through the skin and inhalation. These kits are designed for one-time use only.