523250 replacement mercury indicator powder 250g

by NPS Inc
$ 59.00

Product Description

Mercsorb mercury indicator powder. 250g bottle. Used to convert elemental mercury into an amalgam, which stops dangerous mercury vapors from being emitted. How to use mercury indicator powder: After all visible mercury has been properly collected from horizontal surface; sprinkle Mercury Indicator Powder over contaminated area. For vertical surfaces, mix one (1) part Mercury Indicator Powder with four (4) parts water to form a slurry. Paint the slurry on the contaminated vertical surface. Mercury indicator powder should be left undisturbed on the contaminated surface for 24 hours. A color change of pink to reddish-brown spots indicates contamination. Large black spots or areas indicate fresh or extensive mercury contamination Collect the Mercury Indicator Powder and place in a temporary disposal bag. Clean up remaining mercury contaminated area with physical and chemical means.